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In 1973 the US Supreme Court made history by creating law, a function reserved by the Constitution only for Congress. The Supremes said it was legal to murder unborn infants in the womb. The next year the first national March for Life took place in Washington, DC, with marchers strongly championing the rights of unborn Americans to one of the three vital unalienable rights (God-given rights that cannot be taken away) in the Declaration of Independence: Life. They have marched in every one of the 44 years since then.

Last week Vice-President Mike Pence made history by being the first Vice-President and the highest-ranking government official to ever take part in the march. Many presidents (particularly Democrats) have ignored the Marchs or acted as if the marchers had leprosy. Some past presidents have given weak support for the March. Some even sent low-level representatives to the March.

But President Trump is the first president ever to send his Vice-President and his Counselor (the highest-ranking woman in his administration) to represent the White House. It is also noteworthy that his pro-life speech was the Vice-President’s first major address since the Inauguration.

By the way, Vice President Pence and Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway are no strangers to the March for Life. This was no political stunt to play to Trump’s base of Evangelical Christians. Both Pence and Conway participated in the March for Life in the past, long before they were household names in America.

Trump even gave his personal support to the marchers. He tweeted that “The March for Life is so important. To all of you marching – you have my support.” Most presidents – even Conservative presidents – have been afraid to publicly support Life. But Trump is fearless in this regard.

To understand how serious Trump is about supporting Life, one of his first executive actions was to reinstate what has become known as the Mexico City Policy. This policy has become something of a political football.

In 1984 President Ronald Reagan implemented the policy, which bans federal funds from being given to international organizations that perform or promote abortions. George H.W. Bush continued the pro-life policy, but – not surprisingly – Bill Clinton reversed it when he took office. President George W. Bush reinstated it, but Obama tore it up when he was elected. Now Trump has once more reinstated the Policy.

The moral of this mini-history lesson? If you don’t want your tax dollars to pay for abortions in foreign nations, never elect a Democrat president again.

By reinstating the Mexico City Policy President Trump took an important first step toward keeping his campaign promise to defund Planned Parenthood. I’m planning a major article on Planned Parenthood, but here are just a few facts that make it clear that not on federal dollar should be used to fund this bloodthirsty organization.

Although it claims to provide a “broad range” of healthcare services to women, unimpeachable statistics and former employees show that it is almost exclusively an abortion mill.

  • Planned Parenthood (PP) claimed for years that it provided mammograms to its clients. A former employee revealed that not one PP location had a mammogram machine. PP had to remove this lie from its website.
  • PP claims adoptions as one of its services. But from 2009 to 2013 it aborted 209 infants for every one that was adopted.
  • They tout their excellent prenatal care, but according to their own annual reports, prenatal services have been cut in half since 2009. According to the same reports, cancer screenings have also been cut drastically since 2006.
  • A Merillville, IN PP official stated clearly: “No, we don’t do prenatal services. I mean, it’s called Planned Parenthood. I know it’s kind of deceiving.”
  • PP spent $30 Million taxpayer dollars in 2016 trying to get Hillary Clinton elected. Now they’re spending tens of millions more trying to stop Trump from defunding them.
  • Documented undercover videos show PP officials selling baby parts, a clear violation of federal law.
  • Far from providing healthcare services to a wide range of women, PP’s 2015 annual report shows that they saw only 2.5 million women for all reasons. That means that 98% of American women of child-bearing age did not set foot in a PP location in 2015.
  • Although it claims that abortion is just one of many services it provides, many PP locations provide only abortions – no health care of any kind is available at these locations.
  • The organization murders over 350,000 infants every year – almost 1,000 every day. That is one out of every three abortions in the United States. But they still claim to be a “health care provider.”
  • The United States government gave $500 Million to this criminal organization last year – and will give it another half Billion dollars this year unless Mr. Trump stops it.

The Bible makes it clear says in this verse and many others that an infant in the womb is a life created by Him:
“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb…
Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” Psalms 139:13, 16

Thank God that we have a president, a vice-president, and a large percentage of the new Administration that is staunchly pro-life. After eight years of a pro-death president, it is a refreshing change.


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