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Pope Francis in his Christmas prayer reminded the world that both Jesus and Muhammad were migrant refugees.  Apparently his history education and current event understanding are both lacking and dysfunctional.

Those of us who are educated know the stories of Jesus and Muhammad fleeing death.  Mary and Joseph took their child to Egypt when they were told that King Herod sent his soldiers to Bethlehem to kill Jesus and make sure by killing all the newborn babies.  In contrast, after he demanded his tribal leaders in Mecca submit to Islam and acknowledge him their spiritual leader, Muhammad was banished on pain of death and fled to Medina.  From there he sent his followers to raid Meccan caravans to kill and loot them causing the leaders to send assassins to kill him, but they failed and were forced to convert to Islam or die.

Today there are millions of young Moslem men being allowed to invade Europe under Obama’s command to America’s European allies to accept them as refugees from war.  They left behind the women and children who are being starved and bombed in cities like Aleppo.  Those men are rioting against the laws of their hosts, demanding more and more free homes and food and luxuries, while raping their women and commanding their hosts to adopt Islam and the culture of their “refugees.”

Pope says refugees like baby Jesus

Obama’s and the Pope’s refugees

As the Pope admonishes Europeans to accept raping, looting invaders into their homes, Obama opens America’s borders to invading Mexicans to take America jobs and benefits, while simultaneously stabbing Israel and America in the back with the UN supporting sanctions against Israel for building settlements in their own country.  So if someone breaks into your home, has a baby in your living room, sets up in a bedroom, raids your refrigerator, steals your belongings, and rapes your children, and demands you bow to their culture and beliefs, that makes them your family and you have no right to eject them, or to punish them or do them harm, but must submit to their will.  You are then no longer the king of your castle, but the slave of invaders.  This Pope and BO would admonish you and have you punished for defending your life and your rights.  While you were raising your children to bake Christmas cookies and give presents to people, they were teaching their children to use guns and strap on bombs and steal from those who do not submit to their will.

Welcome to Satan’s world.  This is why America is the great avenger of justice and why liberal Democrats must never be permitted to teach our children their corruption or regain power in this land.  America is the land of the free and leader of the free world and she has fallen on her face through the corruption of her people electing a racist black America-hating Moslem to destroy Christianity and enable Islam to renew the Jihad to enslave the world.  This is why abolishing voter fraud and Democrat corruption is of paramount importance.  President Trump will need 1000% support by America patriots to eject and crush the criminals who are taking over America and then destroy the enemies who are invading both our country and our allies if we are going to save the free world from Muhammad’s Sharia enslaving death cult.


Prince Charles urges brits to remember when the Prophet migrated


How Christians and Moslems celebrate the holidays

Pope Francis reminds us that Jesus and Muhammad were both migrants

  • Jesus fled to Egypt as a child when King Herod killed all the children in Bethlehem to try to assassinate him.
  • Muhammad fled to Medina as an adult when the tribal leaders of Mecca banished and threatened to assassinate him after he threatened them for rejecting his demand they submit to Islam and his rulership.
  • Jesus ministered from childhood teaching about God and righteousness.
  • Muhammad and his followers took over Medina from which he sent his followers to loot and kill Meccan merchant caravans, and killing those Medinans who spoke out against his Islamo-Nazis.
  • Jesus returned to Israel to preach peace, love, and the brotherhood of man.
  • Muhammad waged war on Mecca and murdered all who stood against him as ruler and overlord as the Prophet of Allah. When his followers questioned his immoral acts such as murder and marrying a child he told them, “Allah allowed it to his Prophet.”
  • Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose from the grave so that whoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life.
  • Muhammad conquered Mecca and sent his armies out to conquer his neighbors so that all would be brought under the boot of Islam. Those who submitted were welcomed and allowed to serve, while those who did not were made third class citizen slaves and oppressed.

The teachings of Jesus and Muhammad were very opposite.  Where Jesus said love others as you love yourself and bless those who curse you, Muhammad said to be brotherly with other Muslims but oppress those who refuse to submit to Islam and kill those who leave or speak against it.

How Moslems and Christians teach their children over the holidays is opposite:

  • Christian kids bake cookies.
  • Moslem kids strap on bombs.
  • Christian kids open presents.
  • Moslem kids shoot guns.
  • Christian kids sing songs about Jesus and peace.
  • Moslem kids recited poetry about killing Christians and Jews.


In a nutshell, Muhammad was the Hitler of his day and his cult of self-imposed brainwashing is what has made Islam the most destructive force in the world for the last fourteen centuries.  As is their nature, liberal Democrats overlook the evil of their own like Hillary’s pay-for-play foundation laundering hundreds of millions of dollars while Obama arms and funds the jihadis of our enemies.  But they look at any action of Trump that is not pure and cry Satanism.  The Pope couldn’t be more wrong.  Jesus never said to love Satan and accept him into your home as a refugee because God booted him out of Heaven.  It is high time patriotic Americans exercise good moral sense and righteous wrath on the evil ones who are invading the lands of the free in their attempts to force them to submit to slavery.

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