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God did not make all that He made right. He made it all good. To suggest He made everything right is to further suggest any other way of making everything would have been wrong; because normally we think in terms of there is only one right way to do something. When we come upon what might be two or more right ways to make something, we start comparing each way to the other way as good, better, and best. The Genesis text does not indicate God ever said, while making the worlds and all that is in them, “Now that’s better.” Nor is it recorded he ever said, “This is the best world I could have made.” He was satisfied, for some good reason, simply to declare the results of his six days of work, good. God did not make the universe and all that is in it right or best, He made it good, for us.

So maybe we can say God made everything perfectly good. We can’t say He made everything perfect, because that would be the same as saying He made everything right or best. Which explains why we are often tempted to think we could have made everything better than God made it; more perfect, right. Those who plan a better world, the best of all worlds all out on paper, crossing every t, dotting every i; we call Utopians. They tend to call themselves scientists, more properly philosopher-scientists because they are rarely scientists in the sense of being biologists, botanists, or physicists. These Utopians align themselves with scientists because they believe science has revealed there is no God, or necessity of God to explain the universe. Imagine. Imaginary scientists claiming God is imaginary.

“Might makes right” is the slogan of these Utopians, scientists, evolutionists, statists, totalitarians, these democracy loving individuals. Someone has to be right. It might as well be those who have planned the perfect, right world all out, who protest the loudest and swing the votes their way, once and for all, making the determination all their opposition was wrong from the beginning. Need confirmation? Mobs. If mobs prevail, then the Left, the scientists, the Utopians are right.

The Right and The Left are misnamed, reversed as to which political side they should refer to. The Left is totalitarian, intolerant, statist. The Left considers only their way the right way. The Left is really The Right, at least as far as ideology and tone is concerned. Contrarily, The Right has placed their faith in a Constitution that established a Republican form of government where differing views in the form of laws can be offered, hashed out, voted on by a citizen’s representatives, and lived by. The Right is liberal in its consideration of the views of others. The Left is the only side right on any issue that comes before them. The Right wants to move always to the side of good, wherever good is positioned at the moment; which hints at the possibility even the Left can make a good decision once in awhile, even if the decision is for all the wrong reasons. Or as it could be said, “Even an unwound clock can have a good time once in awhile.”

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