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The brilliant former Congressman, Trey Gowdy (R-SC) appeared on Fox News on Thursday to hammer home a very important message.

The only thing that Democrats proved by parading disgraced former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, before Congress was that President Trump is OBVIOUSLY innocent of any collusion charge.

Yes, the Democrats will no doubt focus on the salacious assertions that Cohen made, but they are already completely ignoring that Cohen dismissed every connection between Trump and Russia.

Congressman Gowdy noticed this and he was marveling at the Democrats ability to delude themselves:

“Sean (Congressman Sean Maloney) said their focus is on Russia and then immediately he went to the stripper and the centerfold. So, I just heard him say it, “Our focus is on Russia and then the next words out of his mouth we’re Stormy Daniel and Karen McDougal.

So, that — and also, he wants to wait on a report. And yet, 60 of his colleagues have already voted to move forward with impeachment. They wait no, nothing. Collusion, that’s what started this entire investigation. That’s the seminal question and is the one thing Michael Cohen’s actually been consistent on… In October of 2017, he said there was no evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, and he said it again today. But Democrats don’t want to hear that — they don’t want to hear that, so now they want to move to an FEC violation.

Gowdy also spoke to the suggestion that the President might be under investigation for some of the other stuff that came up in the Cohen hearing. Let’s just say that Gowdy wasn’t impressed with anything that Cohen had to say:

Martha MacCallum: What did you make of the fact that Elijah Cummings when he walked out, said — you know, that he felt that there was evidence that the president is under a criminal investigation here in New York.

Trey Gowdy: For an FEC violation?

Martha MacCallum: And potentially, you know, other financial improprieties is the suggestion of what Michael Cohen said he couldn’t talk about some of it. But the word that was — you know, mentioned was fraud and the like.

Trey Gowdy: Well, the Southern District thinks so little of Michael Cohen that they’re going to let him go to the Bureau of Prisons, without ever using him as a witness. And Bob Mueller thinks so little of Michael Cohen, and that they’re going to let him go to the Federal Bureau of Prisons without ever using him as a witness, in fact, Mueller did something he never does.

He actually spoke. He actually corrected Michael Cohen and his lawyers. So, the fact that Congress would allow someone that, that no real serious investigation considers a witness to come be their star witness, shows how far Congress has fallen. And it breaks my heart to say that. I care about the institution. But to call a convicted perjurer, as your first witness, it was stunning to watch.

There’s no “there” there folks. Gowdy cuts right to the heart of the matter and properly identifies the Cohen hearings for what it was…. an embarrassment.

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