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Anyone who has ever played a sport, or even attended a game understands how important having a home field advantage is. For example, my New England Patriots are virtually unbeatable at home. In fact most teams fare better at home. The players don’t have to interrupt their normal routines and can sleep in their own beds, etc.

But it is the fans which really seem to make the biggest difference. There is nothing more energizing to a player than to have 10’s of thousands of screaming fans on your side – and against the visitors. Just ask the Seattle Seahawks, who fare virtually as well as do the Patriots in their home stadium. Seattle has even coined the phrase, “The Twelfth Man,” to pay homage to their fan-base.

There are still other teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers who have both a large traveling fan-base and also, like the Dallas Cowboys, have thousands of converted fans all over the nation.

There is another team however who enjoys an even larger home away from home fan advantage and that is the Mexican National Soccer (futbol) Team.

The reports that the Mexican Soccer Team was actually booed in their home stadium in Mexico City after beating Canada 2-0 in a World Cup qualifier. Yes, they won, but the fans were evidently “responding to the Mexican team’s lackluster second-half performance, which began with Mexico ahead 2-0 and consisted largely of a routine execution of a harmless game of keep-away.”

156309052_mexico_719086cAnd this came on the heels of a four game winning streak where they didn’t allow a single goal. You would think a team this good would get a little more respect from the home fans. Ah, but the Mexican Team not only get’s respect but adoring adulation from their home fans – in the United States. So much so that they play more “home games” in America than they do in Mexico and have for almost 20 years.

“Its fan base in the States is so great that even for its games against the US, including last October’s Concacaf Cup in Pasadena, it has an indisputable fan advantage in most American stadiums.”

Gee, I wonder why that is and which “American” stadiums they are referring to. Are these stadiums in Tennessee, Wisconsin or Iowa? No, of course not. These stadiums are all in states like Arizona, California and Texas, where there are millions of Mexicans residing legally and illegally – mostly illegally. As the Mexican author, Juan Villoro states: “Many of the people who go to [Mexico’s games in the US] do not have legal papers.” You don’t say. I guess they just hide in the shadows until game time.

One home team fan, Sergio Tristan, whom the leftist Guardian gleefully describes as “a first generation Mexican American,” founded “Poncho Villa’s Army, the largest Mexican national team fan-support group in the United States.”

Wow! I couldn’t think of better name for a fan club. I’m hoping Mr. Tristan is just an ignoramus who doesn’t know who Poncho Villa was.

Yes, Villa was a Mexican Revolutionary general, but he was also a bandit, a fugitive and murderer of American citizens – in America. So isn’t that great that Mr. Tristan named his group after such a man. Go Mexico!

But there is another reason illegals attend the soccer matches. “These so-called aliens risk this situation [being caught] because they want to be in Mexico. At that very moment, the stadium is a part of Mexico. It’s really moving to see those people evoking so many emotions and trying to be part of this little Mexico for 90 minutes. This is extraordinary.”

Well, Holy Crap! Extraordinary?! Want to be in Mexico?! What do you even say to something that outrageous? I know. Take your lousy game of soccer, your Mexican flags and your Poncho Villa fan club and go back to Mexico. We neither forced you nor asked you to come to the U.S.

And for those misguided liberals who still think Mexican illegals are coming to America to become Americans, there’s your answer.


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