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When, if ever, are you folks going to realize that the Democratic Politicians in Washington are not specifically and exclusively for any one Race or Religion. They use each faction of our Society when it is convenient for them. When it will provide them with the support (voting & financial) that they need to get elected.  We must, when casting our vote, and giving financial support, keep in mind only our personal interpretation of the candidate, and what we perceive him/her to be advocating. Race and Religion should have no place in our daily public decisions. We are too diverse a Society to harbor such narrow-minded inhibitions.

As written by a Black, Vanderbilt Univ. Professor, Carol Swain, ” ….. which party has traditionally .. more responsible for empowering African-Americans ….. doing away with slavery, enabling blacks to vote, own property…..putting black members into Congress before 1900 ….. it isn’t the Democratic Party …..”.

” .. the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was opposed by a majority of Democrats, who filibustered the law for months …..”.

Professor Swain indicates ” ….. the Republican Party is far more a champion of civil rights …..”.

One has only to research the past administrations of Pres. Barack Obama and President William Clinton, and the laws and regulations that were empowered during their tenures in the Oval Office; keeping in mind that Senator Hillary Clinton (D. New York), was the First Lady during the term of her husband “Bill”; at which time she attempted to author and push through, with the help of Pres. Clinton, a health care bill that many have equated with Obamacare.  The Pork contained in this bill, that had nothing to do with Health Care, but allowed many privileges to the Banking Industry, was never really made too public, as then Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, (D. California), instructed ” ….. Congress to pass the bill and read it later …..”, which they did. However, I sincerely doubt that very many actually ever read it. And today, it is miserably failing and about to self-destruct, thereby causing a huge loss to Insurance companies, which has affected our economy, and caused great hardship to many a Citizen. It afforded coverage to many who could not afford it, and now becoming left out in the “cold” with lingering illnesses, and no way to receive care.

Affirmative Action is an outcome of the Civil Rights movement, and the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. While the initial legislation was and is a definite progression in the Civil Rights movement, it has fostered interpretations that are misleading and manipulative; and enabled Attorneys to win cases for many an undeserving Citizen. It has also put many a Citizen in a very bad and humiliating position; thereby affording them positions for which they have not been properly trained and experienced in; thus making it hard for employers and employees.

The Civil Rights Movement, initiated by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a tremendous initiative that moved this Country into the future with new hope for Minorities, an increased labor force for the economy, and a vast increase in our Military forces.

The Republicans can be lauded for supporting much of this progression; and the Democrats brought out in their consistent anti-Black actions, which they hide very well with manipulation and lies.

When it is said “America wake up”, I believe it is mostly shouting to the Black Community; a force in this Country that can have a definitive impact on our future, a force to be reckoned with in terms of American solidarity.  All we need do is bring out those who pry on this faction, and use them for personal gain and fortune. I say ” WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA”. It may not start overnight, but let us begin.

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