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We now have almost 2-generations who would have neither an understanding nor any idea or what this holiday stands for or represents.
I honestly believe that the military draft, and generational wars served a painful purpose in reminding us what we have here in America, and what we must always be vigilant to protect and to fight for to retain.
We’re losing our country. Religion is banned in the military; women are going to the front lines to fight; the 1st & 2nd Amendments are under constant attack; our nation no longer has borders and is in jeopardy of an “peaceful” invasion permitted because we have a president who hates America for it’s history and a Congress that won’t stop him; Islam receives preferential treatment in schools while other religions are denigrated and banned; blacks are slaughtering their own people in our biggest cities; cops fear legal retribution if they do their jobs; immorality is replacing morals and ethical behavior; common sense and rational thought has been replaced by liberals that believes if it feels right to the individual, the rest of society be damned, do it; we’ve allowed our elected officials to make lifetime careers of being Representatives and Senators, and in doing so have made the federal government our master when it was intended to be our servant; almost half of all eligible American voters don’t vote, instead they put their hands out and “beg” to be taken care of from food, to housing, to medical care by a government that borrows and prints money to maintain its hold on its slaves; and the list goes on.
It’s Memorial Day weekend. It’s not to be a day to be remembered or celebrated with sales and discounts at Walmart and car dealerships. The reasons for Memorial Day have been forgotten by too many and even worse, never taught to those born after 1960. Perhaps our nation has to face destruction and deal with the rebuilding of a country under the design provided by our Founders to slowly again become the America that was known by those who were and are of the Greatest Generation. Hopefully, should that occur, we’ll have the leaders and the freedom necessary to achieve that reconstruction.
Take a moment this weekend and reflect on what we have, the price we paid to hold it dear; think about how much we have lost by being poor stewards of our own freedom and liberty, and who it is that is responsible for that loss – it’s we the people.
To those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice, God Bless You.  To those serve and to our veterans, thank you for your service.

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