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“Meet Your New Neighbors!”

Actually, the fun starts at the 2-Min mark of this revealing video:

Satan can only counterfeit but counterfeit he does!  Starting at this 2-Min mark is a Demonic “slaying in the spirit” of a Muslim and much more follows…

As Muslims persevere in  invading Europe, under Trotsky’s over-the-top Marxist Multicultural draconian agenda, we see Michigan and Florida are now the top two contenders for Sharia Law demographics!  Who will win?

So do as Europe did and welcome these new neighbors!  Forget any concept of a Constitution and Christian Rule of Law and applicable civics studies.  You’ll soon have the finest neighbors in the world!  None better!

And there’s absolutely no need for our National Guard to turn their attention away from guarding Poppy Bush’s opium crops in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  That is the responsible thing to do, right?

Remember, you can speed along the process now for the nicest neighbors in the world!  Welcome with open arms all Muslims who are secular, progressive, traditional, it doesn’t matter.  Any and all contribute to the 51% demographic needed to subjugate the Constitution under Sharia Law!

But why stop there?  Make sure all these regular videos are shown in public schools to grade school children.  Make them mandatory!  Send them on local field days and on exchange-student journeys to experience demons first hand!  Onlt then will you be getting your tax money’s worth – and your children a full and well-rounded education!

This is exciting!  We can now look over the fence from our yards and, instead of chatting with Wilson on “Tool Time,” always be speculating on when the infiltrated neighbors will be using their “Tool Time.”

Again, here’s a Sneak Peek for your neighborhood welcoming committee:  Click here!

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