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Many years ago there was a man, a President of America, who warned the nation of the power of secret societies whose intent was to control the world, and he talked about the necessity for media to report the truth and for people and media to analyze world and national events.

Although he was a Democrat nobody paid attention to his warning, and perhaps he died because of it.

Today, all these years later, it has become quite apparent that it is the Left leaning Media which is neither reporting nor analyzing the news, but now ‘creating’ the news, fabricating the news and above all manipulating the news with emotive language designed to keep the Useful Idiots from paying attention to the truth as they irrationally fight for what they believe to be ‘their’ causes.

Since the run up to the Presidential Election the Media has done everything to destroy President Trump. First it was malicious news then fake news and now they are using the truth to portray lies. I call this ‘offering the illusion of truth.’

We’ve all read over and over again what a terrible racist President Trump is for wanting to build a wall to cut off Mexico from the United States, but how often when reading reports of his racism do you read that the initial barriers were first constructed in 1994, and that in 2006, H.R. 6061, the “Secure Fence Act of 2006” was passed in the House of Representatives with a vote of 283–138 or that the U.S. Senate confirmed H.R. 6061 by a vote of 80-19. (Check Wikipedia or see Jim Kouri’s Dec 20th article titled “Trump’s Border Wall: The Bill Was Passed and Signed Into Law”

Far from Trump reaching into the depths of his racism, he is merely following a road already paved for him, and the same goes for his current ‘Anti-Muslim’ racist ban on Muslims from seven countries.

In one article for which I forgot to record the link, two things in particular were stated, the first of which the general public hasn’t seemed to notice, favoring instead the emotive and accusatory language that followed it. It stated:

1. “According to the text of the order, the restriction applies to countries that have already been excluded from programs allowing people to travel to the United States without a visa because of terrorism concerns.”

2. “Hewing closely to nations already named as terrorism concerns elsewhere in law might have allowed the White House to avoid angering powerful and wealthy majority-Muslim allies, such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia.”

The first point is the truth whilst the second is an illusion – a nasty one at that – and utterly nonsensical. President Trump used existing law. It would have undoubtedly been illegal to have added to the list those not already listed, but that is not what the illusion wished to foist onto the useful idiots. Instead it successfully passed off onto the doltish, hate filled activists the concept that somehow Trump was feathering his own nest. The report truly contained the illusion of truth as it passed off its lie.

There is no doubt that the immediacy of Trump’s order has caused inconvenience for many people, like the one I read about today of an Australian woman who arrived in the US only to be told that she had to leave because of her unacceptable dual citizenship. And I quote the illusion of truth:

“The woman’s only crime was not renouncing citizenship from one of the seven countries President Trump had blocked from travelling to the US a day before her arrival.”

First of all the use of the common phrase ‘only crime’ is emotive and designed to create anger. The second is that it implies that it is ok to have dual citizenship – and maybe it is. Thirdly it carries the lie that Trump’s Law has blocked the woman when in fact the law under which she was blocked has existed but been ignored for some time.

Then the article speaks some truth to create sympathy for the woman. “The woman said she hadn’t lived there [original country] for the last 17 years, had a small child and little to no connection with the country…” This leads to the question as to why she retained dual citizenship.

Finally comes the big lie. “The reality is that 99.9 percent of people from those countries are not terrorists but it is that majority who are disrupted or put out.”

The first piece of hypocrisy in that statement is the concept that if a minority of people are guilty of something, then the majority should not be punished. This of course we all agree with BUT that is not how the media treats people and situations. If a man beats a woman then all men are evil. If a cop kills a black man, then all cops are racists and killers. If one white person is a racist then all whites are racists. If a Republican does something wrong then all Republicans are despicable.

The second piece of hypocrisy is that the media use that line about the 0.1 percent to hide the reality that Islam is at War with the West. It is hard to know what the real agenda is behind the Media’s dogmatic love for Islam, but what is obvious is the extent to which the media creates illusions in which the unwary become trapped.

The media loves to twist reality. They might not be twisting the facts but they are using them to twist reality. The current bleating about the poor Australian woman with dual citizenship being denied entry into the US is not about the woman being denied entry, but about finding ways to destroy the Presidency of the United States of America. This is not the first time in America’s Aviation history that it has caused problems for Australians. Some years ago when the American Government introduced a requirement that passports contain the new security microchips, a number of Australians were turned away upon landing because their passports did not have the security chip, and as for discrimination or racism, my own sister and brother-in-law were subjected to it constantly in the US when at every airport they were taken aside and required to submit to body and baggage searches. No hoopla from the press over that.

I won’t bore you much with Media coverage of the pro-abortionist marches and their associated violence, except to say that far too many women involved were demonstrating a truth which feminists refuse to acknowledge but about which I have been writing for many years, on the issue of Female Violence. As for those feminists who believe in fighting for just causes, they apparently don’t consider their Muslim sisters worthy of support.

“You might like to bet that feminists all over the world are going in to bat for their Saudi sisters, but as I pointed out in an article at KingsCalendar some time ago, the political wing of the feminist movement cares little for what their sisters in other countries suffer.”

The current round of Media activism in relation to Trump’s racist ban on Muslims flies in the face of what I understand to be actual American Law. This article talks about the President’s power to enact this ban, but it like so many others calls it a Muslim ban – which would be illegal. That would be like calling a ban on British immigration a ‘Christian’ ban. The countries banned have already been identified as posing a significant security threat.

The current Media activism also flies in the face of what Muslim leaders around the world have stated in relation to Trump becoming President of the USA, and again in the face of what some Muslims believe in relation to the unwanted Islamist influence in Democratic Party politics. The Media do not usually give much attention to the wishes of those 99.9% of ordinary Muslims previously mentioned.

“On this page today I want to bring to your attention three videos that relate to the negative effect of Islam on Western Democracies. Before the Far Left Liberal Progressives start screaming and shouting, let me just tell you that the American brand of Leftist Liberal Progressivism is precisely what the first speaker – a Muslim – indicates is the problem in America. (also worth reading The Trump Effect: From Radical Terrorist to Welcomed Guest)”

We all know that the extreme left activists have nothing in their hearts but hatred for Israel and that is certainly what the Media play to. They care nothing for little Jewish kids whose throats are slit in the dead of night, but oh how the Media and the hate filled activists scream and cry when a Palestinian child being used as a human shield is killed. Here the media report the truth, but it is an illusion; truth used to carry a lie – the lie that Israel is a racist, Nazi totalitarian society.

Of course they are not interested in telling you that not only is Israeli society made up of Jews, Christians and Muslims, but that the Arab/Muslim Israeli citizens are currently fighting to ensure that the Israeli government gives no concessions to the Palestinian Authority that might rob them of their Israeli Citizenship.

“They are determined to remain Israeli citizens, rather than become subjects of the Palestinian Authority.”

Western activists who bleat on and on about everyone’s racist attitudes and hate crimes toward Muslims actually don’t know what they are talking about. The FBI 2012 report on hate crimes shows that 62.4 percent of religion oriented hate crimes were victims of an offender’s anti-Jewish bias. 11.6 percent were victims of an anti-Islamic bias. The 2015 report showed that most hate crimes based on religion targeted Jewish people; anti-Semitic attacks were up more than 9 percent compared to 2014.

This is not what the media wants the general public to know and nobody cares because everybody for some reason just loves Muslims. To vilify Christians is okay but to not like Muslims is racism. Go figure! They don’t get the concept of Hijrah which Islamists are encouraging in order to actually conquer foreign lands.

We have all by now heard of the Mosque shooting in Canada which the Canadian PM has called a terrorist attack on Muslims. In this case however the terrorists were Muslims. In that article just linked, there is a really powerful Illusion of Truth – truth which deceives – which claims that these Muslim terrorists became terrorists because of, and I quote: ‘…the result of years of sermonizing Muslims. Words matter and hateful speeches have consequences!”

The stated truth is that Muslims are inciting Muslims to violence but the created illusion is that our hate speech and disrespect for Muslims leads to Muslim terrorism. And the choir sang Hallelujah! But who stayed focused on the fact that these were Muslims attacking Muslims? Whose hate speech led them to do this terrible thing? Not ours obviously.

“The point is that while not the primary targets, Muslims are the first victims of Islamic fundamentalism.” (Useful Idiots and Islam)

When I see and read about all those young activists screaming (literally screaming abuse instead of talking) at people who don’t agree with them, and see the violence which so many of these allegedly decent and loving people perpetrate, I really do fear that these politically active extremist leftist youth are literally insane and I certainly fear for the continuance of the USA in its current form.

JFK warned us about the power of the press and today the press is following an agenda. At the very least that agenda is one of destabilizing the USA. But it is not just an American agenda. It is a worldwide agenda. Today, Americans – at least one half of them (we are led to believe) – do not see Russia as the greatest threat to the USA. They do not see Communist China as the greatest threat to the USA. They do not see Iran or North Korea or any other outside force as the greatest threat to the USA.

They see the President of the United States of America as the greatest threat to the United States of America.

And why is that I would ask?

Well it appears that the answer is quite simple.

He wants to make America strong and rich and secure from Terrorism.

And that makes President Trump D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S!

To repeat: “I really do fear that these politically active leftist youth are literally insane and I certainly fear for the continuance of the USA in its current form.”


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