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The Main Stream Media supports an ideology that they think is to their own benefit, but is certain to lead to their imminent journalistic demise. Their’s is not just bias, it’s media positioning and promoting the candidates of their choice and the policies of their own liking. They no longer even attempt to feign impartiality. Their messages are clear in what they choose to cover and how they choose to cover it.

Their liberal philosophy and systematic approach are not about expanding freedoms, but about restricting them. They pushed Obamacare, whereby people lost the freedom to choose their own doctors. They have fought against freedom of choice in education, against school vouchers, and advocate policies that restrict the rights of charter schools. They openly support any legislation that diminishes Second Amendment rights with gun control, and sensationalize and exploit every gun related incident to reinforce that agenda. They mock and criticize the demonstration or assertion of Christian and Judaic values at every opportunity, but turn a blind eye to the evils of Islam in the name of political correctness.

The Main Stream Media’s hypocrisy is plain as day. Just look at the disparity between our lives and theirs. The major networks give them medical benefits that are not available to most Americans. Their children go to the very best private schools, out of reach to almost everyone except the privileged elites. They have armed body guards to protect them and limousines to escort them from here to there. They take an agnostic position to avoid allegiance with any religion, since religion itself is a threat to their agenda.

Theirs is no longer investigative journalism as in the days of Woodward and Bernstein of Watergate fame. It’s all about the media’s own celebrity status.  If there were a shred of real reporting left in America, the Clinton email and Clinton Foundation scandals would have gotten the kind of coverage that would have eliminated Clinton from her presidential candidacy. That however, doesn’t fit the Main Stream Media’s program: to elect Hillary Clinton to the presidency.

These days, the Main Stream Media is all about Vanity Fair photos and articles, red carpet events, cameo appearances in tv shows and movies, and correspondents dinners.  It’s all about their money, fame and status and has absolutely nothing to do with journalism. Never has the First Amendment right of “Freedom of Press” been so abused and debased as it is today.


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