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Donald Trump took hard shots from the media for months before he was elected. From his victory until inauguration day, those shots increased in frequency and strength. Upon taking office, the media was in a state of frenzied panic spraying every bullet they had in haphazard manner like an 80s action hero. The President deflected them all. That may be changing.

The latest focal point for media outrage isn’t what Trump is doing but rather who’s making him do it. The conspiracy theories that’s floating around in major publications like the New York Times and TIME all surround his top adviser Steve Bannon. Their current narrative is that Bannon is really in charge and pulling Trump’s strings.

Trump replied with attacks on NYT:

Unfortunately, it isn’t just liberal media. Even some on the right are starting to ask questions about Bannon’s role, including reliably favorable Fox News. None of it’s sitting well with Trump who prides himself on calling his own shots:

This needs to be put to rest immediately and it’s going to take more than a few Tweets to do it. In fact, it will take more than Sean Spicer or a press release. Trump needs to come out and address the media directly. That’s when he’s best. He needs to boldly declare that Bannon is his top adviser, but that’s all he is. As these reports continue to circulate while the President fails to address them properly, it only encourages the media to believe that Bannon really might be in charge. Despite initially dismissing it all, I’ve had my own concerns about Bannon’s seemingly exceptional influence.

 The media will perpetuate this narrative for as long as it has legs. Liberals want to believe it. Conservatives are starting to wonder. It’s time for Trump to express his indignation about rumors of Bannon’s control. A few Tweets will not be enough. He needs to get in front of the press and put them in their place.

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