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So now the mainstream media is trying to claim that President Trump is “isolated” because he didn’t jump through their circus hoops about Charlottesville.

Who are they trying to kid? It isn’t Trump who’s being isolated it is the mainstream media.

Personally I don’t watch television news anymore … at all. Not 15 minutes of it. I don’t watch FOX, I don’t watch ABC, CBS, or NBC. I sure as hell don’t watch CNN or MSNBC and the last time I watched PBS it was to watch an Austrian conductor(Andre Rieu) who also plays violin conduct and play ……. cause I used to play cello. It isn’t like I don’t watch T.V. I do and I wish I watched a lot less I just don’t watch television news in any form. The newspaper is for picking up dog poop and I swear to God that is the only thing I use it for.

Over the last few years I have just stopped letting other people tell me what is news and what is not. I stopped listening to people whose only real concerns were their careers. I got tired of Morton Downey Jr. news. When I was a kid we used to laugh at that shit even as children but today full grown adults buy it like gospel. Well some of them do anyway. What happened was, I learned to seek the news from sources I came to trust. Sources that are right much more often than the T.V. , newspapers or magazines.

I have friends who watch television news. Some of them are bloody retards but a lot of them watch it for the pure entertainment of watching these actors foam at the mouth. As far as isolated agenda’s and opinions are concerned the American people just aren’t that stupid. They just stopped swallowing the obvious leftist narrative. Except for the retards.

The people who are being isolated are the mainstream media and they know it. Rinos and Democrats have been isolated as well. These groups of people have been so isolated that that have had to exaggerate the impact of relatively peaceful fringe groups and hook up with violent radical fringe groups like Antifa and BLM to get any attention at all. We know what they have all done and we haven’t forgotten about it either. We are making them irrelevant and like an alcoholic that tries to justify being a drunk they point their wavering fingers at the people who want to help them and scream bloody murder.

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