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Did you know that a conservative was attacked by a leftist, in broad daylight, yesterday? You may have missed it yesterday, but it’s not your fault. The reason you didn’t hear about it is because the media didn’t actually cover the story… even though there were several videos of the attack.

See for yourself below:

Breitbart got in touch with the student who filmed the attack and this is what he had to say:

The UC Berkeley student who recorded the video, Alex Szarka, told Breitbart News that he began recording the incident after witnessing the aggressor flip over a TPUSA table.

“As we were approaching the main area on campus where student groups have their tables set up, we noticed [the TPUSA student] with a sign that said something like, ‘be aware of false hate crimes,’” said Szarka to Breitbart News…

“Unfortunately, I’m not exactly surprised at what transpired,” said Szarka, adding that after the incident, he had heard an individual defending the actions of the aggressor.

“I heard a guy say something like, ‘Yeah, violence is not okay, but he was effectively asking for it by being provocative,’” said Szarka, “He was referring to the sign about Smollett.”

Benny Johnson compares the very real attack to a recently publicized very fake attack.

Here’s the vile leftist who decided violence was the answer.

For now, Berkeley seems to be pretending to care.

The victim seems to be in good spirits and is thankful for the support he’s received from conservatives across the nation.

How messed up has modern culture become that the media wastes their time on an obvious huckster like Jussie Smollett while ignoring real violence as it unfurls across the West Coast? California, Oregon, and Washington have all become hotbeds of leftist violence, where this type of activity seems to be growing more and more acceptable on the left. But CNN keeps pretending to be worried about MAGA hat wearing patriots.

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