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Have y’all noticed the media’s hand-wringing, moaning, and whining about their latest non-story?

If not, then here’s the dish. A few months back, June to be exact, President Trump apparently considered firing special counsel Robert Mueller. He was so serious about it that he spoke to White House counsel Don McGahn about it. McGahn advised the President not to fire Mueller and even threatened to resign if the President did so, the President backed down… and never fired Mueller.

This story has somehow come to the media’s attention some 7 months later… and they have gone completely nuts over it.

Think about it. They have gone crazy over something that NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

The scenario is causing exasperation among conservatives because now we are being forced to hear about and talk about something that never even took place. It happened to a senior write at the Federalist, Mary Katherine Ham just this past week on CNN.

CNN: But, Mary Katharine, I mean intent is important as well. Not only legally but just politically. How do you see it? Alice [Stewart] is saying look it didn’t happen, how do you see it?

Mary Katherine Ham: In the end we are talking about a thing that did not happen. Had it happened, it would have been a very bad thing, but I don’t want to go too far down the road of prosecuting thought crimes of the president. Look, this is well sourced. He basically wants to fire everyone at some point. Some of those implications are more problematic than others. This would be one of the more problematic instances. But in this case, he talked to [White House counsel Don] McGahn, McGahn said this is a bad idea and then he backed off.

CNN: Wait, wait, but Mary Katharine the reporting is not just that McGahn said this was a bad idea, he backed off. McGahn had to threaten to resign and quit over it.

Ham: Yeah, yeah, because it’s Trump. This is who he is. I’m sort of tired of acting surprised by any of this is part of it. But, look, there are bad implications here but they’re implications because the actual action did not happen.

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