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It seems to me that the Left (and some on the Right) love to claim that Donald Trump does not know how to “act presidential”.

This leaves me scratching head as I try to figure out what exactly acting presidential means.

For example, is it presidential to double the national debt in your eight years in office adding more debt than all of the past presidents combined? Or, is it presidential to continually blame the previous administration for every problem we face? Would you say it’s presidential to bow before kings and foreign leaders? Perhaps it’s presidential to decimate the United States military and further destroy it with political correctness. How presidential is it to refuse to use the words radical Islamic terrorism and replace it with phrases like “work place violence” or to blame a terror act on a YouTube video? In our sexually saturated nation, it must be considered presidential to engage in sexual acts in the White House and then commit perjury.

So what does it all mean?

I guess it depends on what your definition of presidential is.

Besides, take an honest look at where we are as a nation today… how’s that “acting presidential” thing working out for us so far?


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