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Democrats have openly admitted that the Mueller investigation is a fraud.  Liberal heads are going to explode.  Those of us who have recognized this fact from the beginning are going to sit back and enjoy watching this rerun of the scene from “Kingsman.”

Finding the button telling libs Russian collusion has always been an absolute fraud

Justice is a dish best served smiling.

One of Obama’s disgraced former FBI operatives, Andrew McCabe, wrote a tell-all book detailing how he and his cohorts in the Obama regime attempted to take down President Trump via a coup.  He proudly wants to take credit for their efforts to undermine, sabotage, and depose the rightfully elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.  Now Democrats are laughably scrambling trying to gaslight Republicans saying that they haven’t been doing what they’ve been doing for the past two years – slandering President Trump in an effort to unseat him and anoint Hillary in his place.  Only their lemmings will believe them.  Don’t be surprised in a month when they say they never tried this and you are mistaken to believe they did.

McCabe brags about Russia hoax as their case collapses

As the congressional committee that conducted an investigation of Mueller’s evidence concludes, having examined what he has spent over two years and a hundred million dollars of taxpayer money collecting, they reveal that there is nothing in the testimony or evidence of anyone or anything that has anything to do with any Russian collusion, Russian vote hacking, or crimes of obstruction that were committed by anyone in the Trump team.  Mueller’s investigation is going to be brought to a close with nothing accomplished in deposing President Trump.  But he certainly went to great pains to gather and destroy evidence of the crimes of Hillary and Obama in obtaining a fraudulent FISA warrant with which to spy on the Trump campaign.

Leftwing fanatic Rep. Adam “Shifty” Schiff has vowed to continue to investigate Donald Trump’s entire life with a microscopic anal exam to find some crime somewhere in his financial records with which to charge him.  Aside from this being an extreme violation of the 4th Amendment, common idiots like Schiff have zero understanding of the finances of a billionaire.  Trump no doubt has an entire company of tax lawyers doing his finances every year to find every deduction he can legally take.  A prime example of how ignorant people can easily be duped over any millionaire’s finances was proven by Hillary during the campaign.  When she revealed that Donald Trump had taken a billion-dollar loss on a casino she laughed, “How can anyone lose a billion dollars on a casino,” and liberals were all agog.  The explanation of that is easy for anyone with half a brain.  You spend the first year building a fifty-story hotel in which to house it and deduct the cost of that as a new business.

Democrats in the House that the left took back thanks to RINOs giving them their seats, plus massive voter fraud in blue states using bogus provisional ballots along with giving the vote to felons and foreigners, will now spend the next two years undermining and sabotaging President Trump’s efforts to undo Obama’s socialism and make America great again.  They are making every effort to obstruct him from making America’s border secure.  Democrats are proving they are against the American citizen in favor of imported cheap labor from welfare voter slaves.  President Trump will declare border security being obstructed by Democrats to be a National Emergency.  Hopefully, he won’t allow some pissant liberal judge to obstruct him in court like they did over Moslem immigration as that would be like allowing a lowly judge to break the president’s role as Commander-in-Chief.

President Donald J. Trump is proving to be the greatest American president since George Washington.  No Republican has faced the challenges he faces today by leftwing socialists attempting to overthrow the Constitution to remake America into a socialist banana republic.  His efforts have been steadfast, and his heart has been true to America rather than the globalist elites that want America out of the way so they can rule.  Democrats and their media offer American citizens nothing but lies, scandals, deceptions, and hate.  Their fabrications that the righteous are the racist liars stand exposed to anyone who has eyes to see or ears to hear.  Liberals have nothing to which to cling except the hate in their hearts and the lies in their minds.

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