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“On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled yet another revision of the GOP’s fraught repeal-and-replace [R & R] legislation, and the controversial bill will either find the 50 Republican votes it needs to pass the upper chamber of Congress in the next few days — or it will perish once and for all,” Yahoo News wrote.

Despite Yahoo News being about as leftist as a “news site” can be, they in fact are right, perhaps regarding both claims. The latest iteration of R & R bills is fraught, as have been everyone since this current legislature gaveled in. Watching the pathetic spectacle has certainly caused me a great deal of stress and anxiety. Nothing they’ve offered comes close to the clean repeal they promised.

And Yahoo may also be right about this attempt being the last. At least I’m sure the Republican leadership is hoping it will. I agree with many conservatives who think the party isn’t interested in doing anything, and is merely strategizing behind closed doors on exactly who they will place the blame on to deflect from their own spinelessness.

Yahoo continues, writing that, “Going beyond attacking Republicans over a plan that would take insurance away from tens of millions of Americans — and galvanized by a progressive “resistance” that has yanked the party to the left since Donald Trump was elected president — an increasing number of Democratic elected officials are coalescing around a new health care message in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections: It’s time for single-payer insurance.”

One, Nobody is taking insurance away. As I explained in a previous article, millions of healthier Americans will voluntarily opt out, once the mandate is lifted. This is where everyone is getting that number – and then of course lying about it.

And two, Single Payer was the plan all along. Many leftists, including Obama said so, long before ObamaCare reared its ugly head. However, I’ll bet the architects of Obamacare and Obama himself are stunned at how quickly his namesake unraveled. They also underestimated just how gullible the American people really are, as more and more are beginning to call for the government to “save” them with single payer.

We on the right have been encouraged that maybe the American people are waking up and beginning to see through the lies of the dems. We see as proof, our side winning more and more elections. We may be winning the elections, but the left, at least on the big issues like taxes, spending, the wall and healthcare, still continues to kick our butts.

And why? Because, one, we live in a sound-bite society, and two, we don’t have enough people on the right capable of effectively educating the masses. Watch any of the cable or network news programs and what do you see? You see a minute and a half discussion on the meaning of life – because that’s all the time allotted for that segment. This is the sound-bite society, catering to a growing number of people with an attention span of a gnat. How else could YouTube videos centered on cats garner sometimes tens or hundreds of millions of views?

No one can be educated given that amount of time. However, it’s plenty of time to throw out a sound-bite or catchy slogan, like make America Sick Again, or 22 million will lose there healthcare. Both are demonstrable lies, but the guests they have on to refute the snippets are themselves not prepared to defend their/our position, or don’t themselves truly believe what they are sent out to say.

So, am I saying that single payer is therefore a fait accompli? Maybe not.

Despite at least one national poll showing growing support for national single payer, the dems may not yet wish to add it to upcoming elections platforms just yet. As they say – everything leftist begins in the Golden State. As Marxist as California has become recently, they can’t even pass their own State version of single payer.

California has large democrat majorities in their Assembly (House) and Senate and a radical leftist in Gerry Brown for a Governor – and still they won’t pass statewide single payer, SB562. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon claimed there, “are potentially fatal flaws in the bill, including the fact it does not address many serious issues, such as financing…”

Brown, hardly the voice of reason, was quoted saying, “Where do you get the extra money? You take a problem and say I’m going to solve it by something that’s even a bigger problem, which makes no sense.”

So although it appears conservatism has lost the day regarding healthcare, it may be tougher than the dems think to pass single payer.

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