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I watched a clip of Maxine Waters threatening an oil executive with nationalization of the industry and it made me aware that the thugs in Congress think they have a mandate to mess up whatever they please in any manner they want.  If this display of stupidity isn’t enough for those who are enamored with political solutions to economic problems what will it take to break through the ignorance?  Congress is to blame for the oil prices for the following reasons:

The deficit spending of Congress has devalued the dollar, jeopardized the credit of the United States, dishonestly reported the true level of inflation and refuses to acknowledge its inability to put its fiscal house in order.

Congress has balked on allowing drilling for oil in known oil fields in and around the United States which  has put us at the mercy of foreign oil suppliers.

Congress , specifically Maxine Waters et al, evidently has no concept of the workings of Capitalism and is willing to enter the ugly road of Fascism knowing the horror we saw from nations who have embraced it.

Taxation piled on the gasoline price and taxation elsewhere has been excessive and wasted by Congress along with deficits from entitlement programs has all contributed to the ongoing deficit spending that is not being questioned .

These reasons can be verified yet we have people in Congress using their old tricks of blaming the producers and threatening them with punishment of the producers which will only make the producers jobs harder.  This is an example of how the “brave” snits in Congress stand up to the oil companies.  They sneer at hearings , berate the producers compensation as they ride in taxpayer financed limousines and buy $600  tiles for their spa.  These “champions” of the little people are arrogant pompous thugs that expect respect and give none.  Their trump card is “What I can do to you” which is all they are about.  This only shows how letting this mentality loose on the public is a disaster waiting to happen.  There were not any fellow colleagues standing up for freedom and denouncing the threat.  This shows the mob mentality watching to see what can be gotten away with .

America is in for hard times and this outburst by Ms. Waters shows what methods the government has in its back pocket to avoid blame and “solve” the problems it has created.   Just as citizens ignored the early warnings of a deficit spending that has made a mockery of our coinage and the value of our currency this open threat to the supply of gasoline that millions depend upon for work and pleasure is being downplayed by those who could cry foul.  The media will dismiss the threat as insignificant just as they dismissed the warnings on inflation.  Those who do speak will be judged as doomsayers.  Optimism is a wonderful virtue but it has nothing to do with facing the facts of reality.

Maxine Waters by herself is not a big threat but she opened the door for the more ruthless to plot their moves.  Academia will posit the option as necessary since it is encased in government funding and would prefer a government run educational system than one that relied on open competition and actual teaching performance.  It was instructive that Ms. Waters referred to herself as “this Liberal”.  So much for freedom from that camp.

It is also interesting that for all the claims of the suffering under slavery that we see slavery of industries being proposed by those who could see the injustice of a race subjugated but cannot see any connection with an industry subjugation.  For it was the force of law that made slavery sanctioned and it will be the force of law that does the same to the oil industry.  The method and agency is the same.  The only difference is the victim.

Those who recognize this injustice and the danger of threatening private citizens because they are reacting to a government mismanaged and punch drunk on spending will do well to speak up.  For if the big companies can be nationalized what about the next smaller business and the jobs that go with it?  This threat was a threat to us all and if it is not denounced will grow.  Maxine Waters should be censored at least for uttering such a threat but she won’t be and that says volumes about the sympathies of her fellow “colleagues”.  This country was free and in its heyday such blasphemy would have been shouted down.  Today the land of the brave has become tone deaf to what the founding fathers envisioned.  We don’t win wars, we fight battles.  We don’t encourage freedom we regulate and tax.  We don’t rely on our selves and individual initiative, we sit around and wait and see what the government will do for us or to us.  Why?  This has been the path of all the fallen nations of the past and the pattern is quite clear.  It was the American spirit, the can do attitude that carried us through all that has brought us to today.  Where is that spirit when the need is more dire?  Are there souls that don’t want the American Gestapo to interfere in any and all aspects of their lives?  Or has the nation become so complacent and distracted by sitcoms and electronic toys that nothing really meaningful is cherished.  This is the kind of constituency the politicians wait for.   You can tell they are seeing the apathy when they feel free to utter the most outlandish and vile threats.  Take them at their word, they mean it.  But don’t be like the millions who tell you of the fortunes they would have if only they had acted.  The same procrastination works for failures avoided.

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