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Commonly known to the world as the Star of David, global-government Masons know it as the Masonic Seal of Solomon symbolizing world government.”

The nature contained of the double triangle called the “seal of Solomon” or “Magen David” (Shield of David) is proven with the fact that the number of the Beast, 666, is contained within it. Note that there are six triangles incorporated in the outer part of the star, there are six points and six lines that make up the two triangles. (Author Dr. Ana Mendez-Ferrell in The Dark Secrets of G.A.O.T.U. quoting author Dr. O. J. Graham’s The Six-Pointed Star: Its Origin and Usage).

Dr. Mendez-Ferrell continues, “Both for Kabbalists as well as for Hitler, the hexagram represented the number of the Beast, 666.” She emphasizes, “The hexagram is a symbol that ties Israel to death, to prison, to bitterness, and to pain. Through this star, Israel is perpetuating the plan of death and genocide that Satan designed for them through Hitler.”

Before continuing further, let us emphasize President Trump and the American people must insist that, with the changing of the location of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, that Israel simultaneously remove the Seal of Solomon from its flag, the destructive Masonic symbol of world-govt. Masons. Christian Americans support nationalist America and Israel and not the Seal of Solomon symbol of world-govt. Masons!

Frequently included in Masonic printed rituals, “The Companion’s Jewel of the Royal Arch” is called the Seal of Solomon – the same Star on the current Israeli flag. On it is inscribed Invenimus cultor dei civis mundi (we have found the worship of God, O citizen of the world). Some scholars say a better translation is “We have found, O worshipper of God, O citizen of the world.” “Citizen of the world” is the heinous agenda of de-nationalizing world government. (Author Walter Hannah in Darkness Visible. London: Augustine Press)

While the endless stream of constant and benevolent tourists to Israel, see the Israeli flag with its popularly-called “Star of David,” world-govt. backing Masonic politicians know it as the “Seal of Solomon” symbol of world government. And so does global Islam as revealed in Islam and the Masonic World Order by H. Abdul Al-Dahir. (Published by the Gulf Medical Fund 1994). Islam opposes “The 33rd degree Masonic gods of the B’nai Brith and of the Shriners, rebuilders of the Shrine or Temple of Solomon.”

Wisdom now begs President Tump and Prime Minister Netanyahu: Urgently change the current flag by removing the Masonic “Seal of Solomon” and putting up something new. The stakes are too high to retain a flag merely for the whim of Israel’s 87+ Masonic lodges. No US troops should serve under a world-government flag.  Changing to something better will, globally, tell the Christian and Islamic world that nationalist Israel and America are unified in opposing Rothschild, Kissinger and Soros world government!


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