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Marxism is an ideology that promotes dependency instead of productivity. Because of this, it attacks all individual values. It erodes the basis of the family by encouraging, forming and structuring families that adopt characteristics of parasites, thieves, assassins, extortionists and con artists. This is clearly seen in the propaganda wing of the left, the Hollywood deification of the thief, assassin, extortionist and con artist as “hero.” It is sold as “entertainment” but it is used to eliminate values at a family level. Marxism, as a theory, shows how to perfect these infamous characteristics in people, But the “fault” in Marxism is that it also explains the evil.

Because Marx himself sought to propagate his theory as an ideology he sought that no one examined it in depth. Within the explanation of the theory is the mechanism to destroy it. The theory of Marx explains the development of mediocrity and parasitism. Examples abound in medicine, pharmacy, law, banking, and big business:

Marxists in medicine and pharmacy seek to increase dependency in their products and services by means of creating a culture of maintenance instead of cure. They seek to maintain the life of the patient just enough so that the patient keeps paying for the product or service, but they do not seek to cure the disease. In other words, they have abandoned science for money and the size of the bureaucracy.

They have discovered that there is no money in value and they have so discovered because there is no value in debt based money. (If that statement is cryptic, there is a full explanation in my web page section Secrets of the Banker).

Marxists in law seek to hide their knowledge from their client to increase their dependency on the lawyer, instead of showing the clients the legal tools they need to defend themselves. In contrast, capitalism is the voluntary interchange of value for value, with mutual benefit. Because it is voluntary, each party retains their autonomy and independence. Marxists have perverted the concept “value” to make it equivalent to “money”, but the two are opposites. By perverting this concept, it was easy for them to pervert the concept of “capitalism” and make it equivalent to “size.”

They have made people believe that if there is more money, there is more capitalism, completely eliminating the concept of value from everyday thought. The concept of capitalism depends on the concept of value, interchange, and equals, but all these concepts disappear because size eliminates equality and paying with debt based money eliminates the concept of value and interchange.

If money replaces value, a parasitic interchange is made possible, the relationship between producer and lender. Note how it works in banking practice: A young, productive employee saves up his 10 to 20 percent down payment and obtains a loan to buy his house. In 5 years, he loses his job (because the banking system has reduced the money supply — details in web page cited above). He lost his job because his employer no longer finds him so easy to manage. After he loses his job, within 6 months, he loses his house, to the bank, which has his down payment and his house, and has risked nothing.

The banking system is the parasite. It takes the down payment and multiplies it 16 times, amply covering the price of the whole house, so the bank risks nothing and the lender risks not only his down payment but thirty years of his life. The magic is the system of 6 percent reserves in these loans. The banking system is composed of the interdependence between small and large banks. (Again see my web page cited above).

The dynamic of capitalism in a professional relationship is growth for both, not the accumulation of capital (be it knowledge or goods) gained by one and lost by another. In other words, Marxism is a zero-sum game, where one party must lose for the other to gain, but capitalism is always a plus-sum game where both parties gain. Guarding and protecting goods and knowledge is characteristic of a stagnant and decaying system where protecting what one has accumulated becomes more important than the dynamic growth of exchanging to increase value in goods and knowledge.

Marxism is designed and built to support and increase a stagnant system and increase parasitism. As an organization grows it tends to become less competent and thus more fearful of competition, and by extension more Marxist. The very practice of Marxism is fed by this fear, which is, in essence, jealousy and not envy. Jealousy is the fear of losing what one has. Envy is knowing that one has less than another. Envy can serve to motivate betterment, jealousy, on the other hand, can only lead to violence born of fear.

Jealousy is fed by fear of incompetence, but it takes the personal form of fear of competent competition. Because of that, Marxists seek to dis-inform and make “compromises” with their betters, to make a lower standard by lowering the excellence bar in which both the better and the worse work.

It is stated bluntly in the communist manifesto “To each according to his ability, from each according to his need.”

This “principle of jealousy” is also stated in Marx own words in his “Scientific Socialism”: Thesis: the right, Antithesis: the wrong, Synthesis: the ideal. In other words, Marxists seek a compromise between good and evil, food and poison, reason and violence. These are Marxist principles and they are built to reduce VALUES and eliminate the search for perfection. There is no way that socialism will work over the long term because following these PRINCIPLES leads to a worsening of all values of all human effort in all levels of civilization.

By contrast, capitalism, correctly defined as the voluntary interchange of values between equals causes the welcoming of competition because by doing so more value is interchanged, not only in goods but also in knowledge, because knowledge increases to teach, inform and help the growth. The true capitalist is bored if there is no competent competition because it is the competition that provides the motivation to grow, better and perfect himself, his product, his service, his knowledge and his interaction with society.

The Marxist, on the other hand, is fearful of the competition because he is afraid to lose what he has acquired. So, when the Marxist is frustrated by competent competition, he has to resort to violence to stop the individual who is competing with him, because he is not capable of competing by making a better product or service.

This is why all Marxist attacks are some variation of ad hominem and ad baculum. Insults and fear is all they can offer against competent competition. So, the individual cure for Marxism is to recognize that the Marxist is incompetent, jealous and fearful. Then the moment you see Marxist tendencies, recognize them for the toxic relationship to which they must lead, make a plan of self-defense and stop dealing with the parasite.

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