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The criminals of today have no resemblance to Billy the Kid or Jesses James but are felons of the worst kind.

They openly threaten the lives of innocent citizens and police officers but their supporters put them on a righteous pedestal as victims of racism and social injustice when they are subdued or killed by deadly force not only by white police officers but black officers as well. They will not wait for an investigation but go on the rampage when the media reports the incident.

They have viewed other riots on the media and watched politicians tell police to stand down as they burned and looted neighborhoods in American cities. They have not seen anyone getting severely punished for their actions and laws posted with advanced warnings. This has given them the insinuative to go on a shopping spree by breaking windows and doors of businesses.

They attack and destroy police cars to show others that they can do it without punishment and burn down buildings with a mad frenzy instilled in their own hatred and non productive lives.

These are the people who want to share your wealth without saying please.

I want to see the police use those batons to break some heads and throw them in caged cars delivering them to jails. If the jails run out of room find other secure areas to confine them. If the police can’t handle them have the national guard them with loaded weapons.

Do not release any one of them until they are punished.

This not a case of the proof of innocents because the posting of anyone apprehended within the crowds of a riot are automatically guilty if they do disperse in a certain amount of time.  Worst of all are the progressive politician and media that endorse their actions.

Shame on our political misfits and a president who sits back and shakes his head.

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