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We are now into the portion of our Trump Administration where the ambient volume is turning to maximum but the actual voices involved are: few, in discord, rarely like each other or get along, and… unlike the Tea Party and the resulting Trump Movement… are not engaged in the political process and thus not a factor with which to be concerned for the moment. Their kind usually defaults to violence to make their point, as we saw in the 1960s and any random headline involving a Muslim today. Such history and experience makes them of interest but not of consequence.
The various “groups” all clamoring for headlines, upon even superficial examination, turn out to be single or strictly limited source Astroturf in origin, not infrequently with the same individuals involved (many tied with radical and violent anti-women Islamic organizations) and with the likes of billionaire George Soros showing up prominently more often than not. The single common thing that ties them together is a mob mentality that asserts a tribal global view. “Popular Vote” is now racist code that speaks to the Left’s unspoken declaration of tribal aka racial supremacy. They lead news because the are masters of theater and manipulating Post-Watergate college-educated reporters who are not as well educated as a middle school “D” student in 1950. Certainly less well educated about civics and social studies than was I preschool in 1960 – age 4.

“‘Popular Vote” is now racist code that speaks to the Left’s unspoken declaration of tribal aka racial supremacy.…” Mark Williams

The gnashing of teeth and spewing of unmitigated hate are to be expected. Growling, peeing and snarling in the park is a common greeting among animals seeking to define and defend territory, especially if there has been a seismic social shift such as the one in which we have been blessed to participate. It is just that these particular animals are made up of two groups. One skilled in the manipulation of the second to their own benefit and to that second’s detriment. The group being manipulated is conspicuous by its utter and complete ignorance of history or culture and exhibits a breathtaking lack of diversity. They are also products of some kind of mental or physical place where some animals are more equal than others.” Stunningly, they are so bold that they wear all of those un-American evils as a collective of badge of honor. What they vomit in that vein is breathlessly and with great gravitas recited by the aforementioned “reporters”, most of whom would require therapy in an institution brimming with safe spaces if they were ever faced with having to endure even minor diversity in thought or culture.

Popular Vote 1925

Do not ever discount or underestimate the nature of the enemy that mobilizes such sad creatures. It is ancient and bathes in the blood of untold billions. Its ultimate tribal goals are exampled by replies like this in response to my defense of Rights and Liberty protecting the minority:

“Evil is the tyranny of the minority over the majority. The Constitution was created, in part, to protect the minority from the temporary whims of the majority but not to give the minority control when it lacks the votes to win an election. The Electoral College is an anacronistic [sic] institution that should have been scrapped long ago.”

The quote above is the response of respected Albany Times Union Columnist and author Dan Lynch (retired) in a Facebook discussion about his disagreement with the Constitutional System by which we elect our Servant/Leaders and my agreement with it. His argument was to hold up the fictional “popular vote” as a real number. “Popular Vote” is now code and the Left’s unspoken declaration of tribal aka racial supremacy over all other tribes and races.
Pretty frightening stuff.
This is the truth of the matter. The so-called popular vote is a figment of headline writers’ imaginations. It does not exist. It is a political chupacabra used by people who know better to manipulate and incite the ignorant or ill-intention. I am not sure when it first appeared as a thing but it is arrived at by adding up votes that have nothing to do with each other and using the sum to make an invalid point. Each state’s vote is to express that citizenry’s choice for president and is an instruction from the people to the state to its electors in their own state capitals to cast their votes accordingly. What the people of California decided for themselves has nothing to do with what the people of the other 49 states each decide for themselves. Yet the Neo-Ssupremacists of Popular Vote delebertly insist on tossing those apples into the same basket with artichokes for the purposes of deception and malace.
President Donald J. Trump is the Chief Executive Officer of these United States of America by a free vote of these United States of America and by a landslide margin of 304 to 227. God Bless him and America, Goddamn the haters.

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