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A Letter to Pastors and Churches:

If two members of your congregation want to be married under the laws of God through the authority of the church, yet, have no interest in obtaining a license from the state, nor do they care to be recognized as husband and wife by the state, would you join the two together? A body of Christ must exercise their God-given authority to accept individuals into the fold as members of that body and be numbered among them as members of that body. That is a covenant marriage within itself, and the covenant marriage between two members of that body are representative of the marriage between Christ and his bride as well as the marriage between the pastor and his congregation.

The state’s beast system marriage is a copycat and a strong delusion of God’s marriage. If we believe the state can pronounce two people husband and wife, then we incorrectly interpret all references to husbands and wives in the scriptures. Satan’s trickery was brilliant concerning marriage. The benefits of being recognized as being married by state are; tax breaks for filing joint, social security benefits, etc. but in a word; money.

If a large portion of the people under the rule of this criminal government were to somehow refuse the government’s benefits, it would de-claw and pull the teeth out of its beastly head. Then, If the gays want to marry under the beast system, who cares? —but render unto the state that which is the state’s but those things of the Lord unto the Lord.

Don’t let Satan and this criminal government convince you that God’s marriage and man’s marriage are the same and has to be approved by the state.


iPatriot Contributers


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