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People do not understand speculation or oil prices. Speculation is a tool for driving up or lowering prices, but the drivers of the tool are the global usurers.

It works like this: the speculator puts up 1 dollar for the June price of Brent crude, but the bankers put up 9 dollars because the margin is 10%. Energy drives the economy. If the global usurers want to destroy a nation to take over their independent central banking system, and the country depends on selling its oil for export, then the  globalist usurers, by means of raising the margins, lower the prices of the oil.

If a speculator has to keep 100,000 for maintenance margin then a small drop in the price will require the speculator to put up 10,000 or more. But there are many speculators and the debt percentage is high. So if the speculators are in the market for a 100 billion, the banks are in it for a trillion or more. One contract may be worth 75,000, 35 million contracts in a month means a turnaround of 2.625 with 12 zeros yes, 2.625 trillion dollars per month. And yes, that was the quantity of contracts sold in February alone.

In the year 2000, the GNP for the US was 10 trillion, for Japan 4 trillion, Germany 2.2 trillion, Britain and France 1.5 trillion. And so on. Now, let’s consider that for a moment. In a month the speculators, and their lenders have gambled more than most countries GNP for a year. In a year the speculators and their lenders have gambled more than all of the GNP of all the nations combined. And yes, don’t kid yourself, it is a gamble, the bankers (the house) takes no risk. Think about the power of the lenders in this debacle.

So far, this is impressive, however, think about how much damage a global usurer can cause by lifting the margin rates by just 5%, starting at 10% and going to 15%. The prices of the commodity would drop by 33% because the speculators will not be able to put up the maintenance margin. (And, by the way, the estimate is conservative, because the margins are more like 5% now and if they raised it to 10% the prices would drop at least 50%.) Which is, by the way, exactly what they do to bankrupt whole countries. And, the reverse is also true. If they want to give cheap oil to “stimulate the economy” all they do is lower the margins. It doesn’t much matter to them because debt based money is backed by the future efforts of the borrower, not the lender.

If you want a graphic example, see what the global usurers did to global silver prices about 3 years ago when the price of silver went from $50 to $35 per oz, in one day. The black magic of margins.

So yeah, speculators mean very little, but the system that supports the speculators can do an incredible amount of damage to any and all economies. Don’t underestimate the power of the speculator as a tool for the globalist manipulator.

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