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When a religion claims to be the only true religion  ,which most of them do, they make claims that are subject to scrutiny by the questioning public.  They try to defuse questioning by demanding the truth they claim is written in holy scriptures and cannot be questioned because it is of a divine nature. This method is common to most religions and has no validity.  It is invalid because demanding belief without offering evidence is simply dictatorial commanding. This is the evil of faith. To point to a book as holy and claim it has divine information requires a further probe into the source of the divinity claimed. This brings us to the claim of a divine being and the problems with such a claim.


The Christians claim they have a divine being called God and the Muslims claim they have a divine  being called Allah. Both claim their divine being is superior to all others. The truth is the concept they both contend is superior is the same concept for both divine beings.  They both claim to be all knowing and all powerful.  Therefore as a concept they are identical.  The issue becomes more revealing when after thorough consideration of the concepts of all knowing and all powerful it is found that such concepts must be mutually exclusive and cannot be attributes of the same entity at the same time.  This can be readily proven by examining each attribute and determining if it is possible for something to be all powerful and all knowing at the same time.  Take the attribute of all knowing.  This means the being would be able to know the past , the present and the future of all events. Then introduce the attribute of all powerful and you have a being that can configure all events past present and future. Ask yourself, if a being knows what is going to happen is that being powerful enough to change what it knows is going to happen?  The contradiction is evident and irrefutable.


if-islam-is-peaceAnother contradiction quite prevalent and destructive is the notion of Islamophobia.  When a religion claims that infidels ( I.e. all people who do not believe as commanded ) are inferior and subject to murder and/or servitude, this is a distinct form of discrimination which I shall label as infidelaphobia.  To claim Islamophobia is different from infidelaphobia is contradictory.  Both are discriminatory against people with different beliefs.  One cannot claim to be persecuted by a group practicing the same bias.


The contradiction of world conquest should also be addressed.  Conquest requires force and invasion.  There have been how many invasions and attempts at world conquest?  None have succeeded and all have caused hate, torture, misery and rebellion.  Why would anyone aware of such a history still cling to such a barbaric notion?  The world cannot be conquered, has never been conquered and will never be conquered.  Force will only initiate retaliation and the ensuing struggle create chaos and destruction.


The concept of the afterlife is a concept based on nothing but human imagination.  There is no evidence of such a condition and the very idea that there is an after life is contradictory if one knows what life consists of.  Life ends in death.  lIfe is temporary.  To claim that life goes on as life after death is contradictory.  To claim it goes on as something different from life is to conjecture something there is absolutely no evidence for. Only the imagination of the ancients has created this contradictory vision that has no connection to reality.  A golden street with harp playing human forms with wings?  A harem of 72 virgins waiting for a killer of humans to turn them into non-virgins?  In the vernacular of the present, “Who makes this crap up”?


Contradictions cannot be dismissed as just a word.  They refer to the fact that something cannot be wha it is and what it isn’t at the same time.  A fire cannot be water, a chicken cannot be a goat and a human cannot hold a death wish and survive. Islam is full of contradictions the most evil of them being the notion that they will conquer the civilized world and turn it in to the barbaric cesspool of Sharia.  They like the Communists are attempting to deny human nature in the name of a myth.  The Communists claimed the world would be dominated by Communism.  The Islamists claim the world will be dominated by Islamists.  Both claimed a change in the hearts of man ( i.e. denial of human nature ) would occur.  Human nature is not changeable.  Sacrifice is not a part of human nature.  Only the full implementation of the sacrificial cult will produce Jim Jones results.  Islam claims as a religion it has a special claim on its conquest agenda.  It doesn’t  A religion is simply a gaggle of beliefs that can go in any direction, usually sacrificial. Religion is susceptible to truth and will ultimately dissolve as the fraud it attempts is exposed.  The human race did not evolve into civilization on the blatant lies and claims of barbarians.  It arose and prospered on the ideas of proven concepts and the use of reason , not faith.  Mankind will not revert to the unproven.  That is not human nature.


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