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Is it just me, or have the recent “race-motivated” incidents come at the most opportune time for the Clinton campaign? The media is certainly not talking about Hillary anymore and her “extremely reckless” behavior as Secretary of State. Those stories have leaped off the front page and no longer the lead story on the nightly news. I freely admit I am not a fan of Obama- never have and never will and I wear that as a badge of honor but it seems too coincidental me that these events occur when he is out of town (Europe), right before the Republican Convention and while Hillary Clinton is being raked over the coals for her gross incompetence in her tenure as Secretary of State.

Also, not to waste a good crisis when it comes along, but why does the President re-introduce the “Gun Control” argument into these events which have nothing to do with gun control? The police have the guns in two of these three incidents (Baton Rouge and Minneapolis)! Does he want to disarm the Police now too?? I strongly believe that these are carefully orchestrated events that seem to appear whenever the President and the DNC needs them. As President he has done little to support Law-enforcement in this country. From the very beginning of his presidency, he has stuck his nose into every race-related incident starting with the Cambridge Police/Professor Gates incident which resulted in the famous “Beer Summit.” (As a craft beer brewer I resented the use of beer as a prop in this case and I believe the reputation of “BEER” suffered greatly due to its association with this treasonous President.) (Hahaha!) Funny and sad but true!!

This President has fomented division by politicizing every crisis for the last 8 years. Below is a brief legacy of President Obama, the so-called “great unifier” in his efforts to unify to America:

  • Racial strife has increased
  • Class division on the rise with his wealth distribution policies
  • Racial bias of the Department of Justice both under Holder and Lynch- As seen in theTrayvon Martin case and in Ferguson Missouri
  • Religious Liberty threatened- Lawsuits by several states and religious institutions- i.e. The Little Sisters of the Poor and HHS Mandate in Obamacare
  • Corruption and scandals abound- Fast & Furious and the IRS Scandal to name a few
  • The lies and lies told to the American people regarding Obamacare and Health insurance premiums and choice of doctors, etc.

The unrest in our country due to his socialist policies mimics the unrest in socialist countries, like Venezuela where rich are pitted against the poor. We have not seen civic unrest like this since the 60’s. The only difference this time, today’s unrest is initiated from the top down- the Executive Office and the Administration of Barack Hussein Obama.

Our country is at a very clear and ominous crossroads and our choice of President in November will decide Life or Death for our nation. A Clinton presidency will continue the path of destruction started by President Obama and the USA will cease to exist in less than 10 years. We will see bigger and more intrusive government, PC run amok creating chaos in national security and the judiciary, higher taxes at all levels of the economy and finally our guns and free speech rights taken away.

On the other hand, a Trump Presidency will reverse the policies of President Obama and his “America First” policy will bring life, liberty, wealth and security. His trade policies will bring back jobs to America. His immigration policies will bring security and help to stop drug trafficking into the US. His foreign policy will bring respect back to our nation and protect our citizens abroad. His defense policy will bring strength and security to our nation by destroying ISIS and radical Islam! Finally, Political Correctness will be removed from government and with it the removal of Common Core which will improve education and help instill patriotism once again amongst our children, and young adults.

The choice is clear- Choose Life and Liberty with Donald Trump



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