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Using this scam, Liberals extort money from us and give it to themselves!! Furthermore, there is absolutely no accounting as to what is done with the money.


Want to know more? Read the ancient Brothers Grimm fable of mass paranoia and hysteria: “Chicken Little says the Sky is Falling” and check what happened to them!!


This scam works by treating Man Made Global Warming like a religion: Therefore it’s a faith, it’s not up for debate, it’s not up for argument and it cannot be denied! Liberals promoting this scam shamelessly indoctrinate and use little children to terrify gullible people.


Those who refuse to accept it are mocked for being “deniers;” and could even be charged as criminals. The UN, which collects the money liberals extort from their citizens, bans from climate summits, any skeptical journalists or scientists who hold views opposed to theirs.


Obama, whose principal loyalty is to the 57 Islamic States that control the UN, had actually instructed his Attorney General Lynch to prosecute ‘Climate Change Deniers.’* A liberal Professor went one step further and wanted to use the draconian punishments meant for criminal racketeers, the RICO statues, to punish “Deniers.”*


But these “experts” cannot answer even the most basic questions: Just ask a Global Warming believer to predict the weather around the globe for one month ahead. If they can’t do that, how can they possibly predict the climate 30 or more years out? Ask a Man Made Global Warming expert to explain how the earth warmed enough to kill the Dinosaurs when man was not around to affect the climate?


They have now renamed it “Climate Change” to try to justify why the earth is not warming like they predicted!!


This scam works exactly like the Clinton Foundation scam: Hillary extorted money from people who wanted contracts or other benefits from the State Department and claimed they were a charity and “doing good” with the money. This claim enabled corporations that donated to the Clinton Foundation to deduct their “donations” and pretend they too were “doing good”! Even though they all knew that Charity Navigator wouldn’t rank this charity because its financial records were a shambles; and they knew that over 80% of the money went for the Clinton’s personal use*; nobody dared to question the veracity of this claim!


The Global Warming scam works much the same way. Liberals terrified gullible public into believing the Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 – Of course, they were wrong. In 2013, 2015 and in 2016, ships going to measure and prove the arctic ice cap was melting, had to be rescued because they got stuck in the massive ice cap!!* Texas has been cooling since 1995, but that doesn’t suit NOAA’s global warming agenda. So they keep cooling the past further and further to create the appearance of a warming trend. Winters may be getting colder in the Northeast. In fact, the Earth is heading towards another ice age as solar magnetic activity is set to drop by up to sixty per cent in the next fifteen years.


Global Warming Doctrine is enforced by Cap & Trade policies: Some bureaucrat determines how much you should “pollute” and how much your business exceeds that allowance. And you have to buy “credits” from the “non-polluters;” in order to justify operating your business. As you read this, you can see how much control Liberals and their bureaucrats can get over your business and how much they can force you to pay.


Al Gore was going to mint money controlling the National Cap & Trade Exchange: Just imagine, every human activity would be subject to these rules and every business would have to purchase or sell Cap & Trade credits on the exchange. And Al Gore would have made commissions on each and every trade.* No wonder he touted Global Warming with such fervor!!


Tesla is a great example: Using Cap & Trade, Zero Emission Vehicle barter as part of California’s green auto industry mandate, Tesla Motors has received over $295 million in credits over the past 3 years.* Other car manufacturers have had to pay for their “pollution.” In addition, rich liberals who purchase Tesla’s have received $7,500 federal tax credit per car and States have provided between $2,500 -$8,000 rebate per car;* paid for, of course, by the poor!


Man Made Climate Change is a hoax and over 30,000 scientists, many with Ph.D.’s in science, have signed a document to that effect.* Pew Research shows Americans don’t believe this claim either.* Solar cycles are largely responsible for warming periods on Earth – not human activity; and there is nothing that we can do about it!


Thank God for Trump. He just refused to honor a $100 billion annual U.N. pledge of our money made by Obama & then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Rohini DeSilva, Esq.
Friday, December 9, 2016


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