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Leftists invested their hearts in a Falcon’s win to represent their hatred for America by endorsing foreigners against patriots.  Like Trump’s victory, this historic and record making victory is a sign.  Woe to the wicked for Judgment is at hand!

Redemption!  This is so funny.  It was just a football game, but to leftists who, as they do with everything, had to politicize it as a battle between America loving patriots and America hating foreign invaders, it became symbolic.  The poor Falcons thought they had the game won, but then snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  Veteran champion Tom Brady lit up the stadium in the last few minutes to make the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.  And with talent on loan from God he crushed leftist hopes and fantasies just as Trump did on Election Day.  God grants victory to the righteous.  How the Left must be feeling deflated today.

Maybe Russia had something to do with the most amazing victory in Super Bowl history?  Or perhaps the NFC didn’t buy enough referee votes?  Or this may presage that God is coming back to America.  The Left has spent the last fifty years destroying Christianity in America, smearing Jesus and crushing Christians while praising Islam – the most oppressive ideology of hate in the world.  Leftists point at the Inquisition as the crimes of Christ while concealing the mortal sins of Muhammad and the death cult he created.

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

This is poetic justice as Leftarts are sabotaging Trump from making America safe again.  With a liberal Democrat judge putting a stay on Trump’s Executive Order to restrict travel from terrorist exporting nations, saying let anyone and everyone to freely enter into our country is pure leftwing extremist America hate.  Why do Democrats want to let Islamist jihadis who want to kill Americans into the country?  Why do they want to bring in the world’s poorest, most uneducated, and even their worst criminals to this country and force American citizens to pay for their wellbeing?  Even as they blame Republicans for corporations fleeing America to escape Democrat’s taxes as wanting cheap labor, they import that cheap labor for their own purposes to make them wards of the taxpayers and illegal voters.  Just as they declare conservatives use fear-mongering demagoguery to make patriots into xenophobes, they are exposed as a thousand times worse in their global warming fraud.

It all starts with the End of the World!

American patriots have had enough!  Those who love this land can take heart that the land of the free and home of the brave will not tolerate foreign invaders.  Nor will they tolerate corrupt politicians who want to remake America into a socialist banana republic under their rule.  This is America and we are the keepers of the torch of liberty.  Leftwing God haters can smear the Lord as the oppressor as they worship Satan as their liberator, but the Truth will set us free and God will send His Signs to let us know that He is with us!  We must pray we always stand with Him!

Take this victory as an omen that God rules and Satan will be cast down!  Or at least that leftist hopes will be crushed, their lies exposed, and their hateful satanic ideology of oppression will fail.  The Final Victory belongs to the Christ.

America is for the Dreamers, not the dregs

Liberals uncover the secret truth of conservatism

What it will take to recover America

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