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(the views expressed in Mad Sunday Thoughts are expressly the writer’s which came to him early this morning and before he had any coffee. His dog refuses to take any blame for them!)


England Wins A Soccer Match:

OK, so I filed this under “So What”, but apparently it is important for the sake of the pride of a nation to win a soccer match. England defeated Sweden 2-0 in a quarter final match on Saturday.  In a shameful display Sweden, decedents of the great Viking Ragnar Lothbrok and all things IKEA, couldn’t seem to find the goal. This allowed England into the semi-finals for the first time in 28 years, which, of course, meant drunkenness and stripping off clothes.  Those wacky Brits, they may not know how to negotiate a successful Brexit, but they sure know how to party!!

Hillary Clinton To Run Again?

Like a bad case of herpes, Hilldog the Faller Clinton comes back to haunt again.  Michael Goodwin of the New York Post suggests Hilldog is beginning to troll for campaign donations with her emails and tweets.  I guess she figures if Twitter is good enough for Trump it’s good enough for her. Goodwin says that with the Democratic Party being fractured between moderates and unhinged, lunatic, foaming at the mouth socialists there is no clear leader in the party for 2020. Hilldog could come in with a large checkbook and name recognition to rise above the crowd and take the nomination, again. He has other good arguments too, but I won’t list them because I need more coffee!!

The Character Assassination of Jim Jordan:

So Jim Jordan is in the hot seat. Five former wrestlers from Ohio State University where Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach have accused him of knowing that they were being sexually abused by Dr. Richard Strauss some thirty years ago.  Dr. Strauss was unavailable for comment, as he had committed suicide in 2005.  How convenient!  In the era of the pound MeToo movement such allegations are “to be heard and believed” however there are two problems with that idea: 1). The pound MeToo movement is only for liberal women and 2). The timeline makes this stink to high heaven.  First, Jordan, a conservative,  is being touted as Speaker of the House replacement for Slappy Ryan. Second, he had a very contentious back and forth with Rob Rosenstein at a recent House committee hearing which, as far as liberals are concerned, put a target on his back because, third, he is hell-bent on getting to the truth and draining the swamp. Bad idea, Jim!!

I think we can probably call this type of character assassination the “Roy Moore” strategy.  You remember ol’ Judge Roy Moore, right?  In 2017 he ran for the Senate in a special election in the state of Alabama.  Got even Trump’s support.  Then, in the closing days of the election, suddenly, all these women came out of the woodwork alleging sexual misconduct that happened 10-20 years ago. The Democratic Socialist Party were desperate for a win at any cost.  They employed this tactic and they won. Which, according to them, is all that counts.  By the way, whatever happened to this women? After the election the MSM were suddenly silent about them.

To his credit, Jordan has not apologized or resigned from the House.  He recently went on FoxNews Special Report with Bret Baier and told his side of the story in an honorable and credible way.  In one of his statements he said: “I think the timing is suspect when you think about how this whole story came together after the Rosenstein hearing and the speakers race, but it is just not accurate.”  President Trump has the same idea about the fortuitous timing of these allegations.

It will take some time but in the end we will find that this is just another hatchet job from the Democratic Socialist Party and the Lame Stream Media.

So that’s all of my Mad Sunday Thoughts. I’m sure there are more but I’m out of coffee and the dog really, really, needs to take a walk!!

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