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Donald Trump is nobody’s fool.  In attempting to prove an obvious lie, Rachel Maddow attempted to prove Hillary was truthful in declaring Trump didn’t pay taxes, but instead proved he paid a higher percentage in taxes than her heroes.  Now she wants to prove Trump leaked that tax form himself to make her look stupid (which takes no effort) and is hiding his being personally in debt to Russia and China ala Hillary Clinton.

The NeverTrump coup continues by Democrats, the lying media, the corrupt leftist judiciary, and even the GOP-e.  The powers that be are incensed at the people’s choice of Donald Trump to root out and overthrow their corruption, so much so that they have become fanatical in their determination to bring him down.  The media has launched a dozen different attacks on Trump over winning the election from; he conspired with Putin to steal the election to he never paid taxes.  Obama’s judges are putting up roadblocks by making rulings based on their opinions rather than the law.  Rachel Maddow stupidly proved that Hillary’s claim that Trump never paid taxes was a lie.  And the GOP is fiddling with ObamaCare apparently in the hopes that they can make the Trump administration burn and hang their failure around his neck like an anchor.

Rachel Maddow Al Capone’s Vault moment proves opposite of liberal’s Trump

They don’t use wires to tap phones anymore.  They just push a button on a computer, so Obamaites declaring that Obama never ordered a wiretap can speak with absolute certainty that what they say is true.  Parsing words is how leftists tell true lies.  In the same way they use the corruption of the legal system to make rulings against Trump that are not based on the laws, but only on the basis of the judge’s opinion of President Trump’s temperament.  A Judge’s job is not to psychoanalyze people, but to determine if they are obeying or disobeying the law.  So long as they are permitted to make rulings based on their opinion of Trump rather than the law then they can stop anything and everything the president attempts to do.  Similarly, the GOP-e of McConnell and Ryan are working with Democrats to not have the Republican repeal of ObamaCare be successful.  Dr. Krauthammer suggested if Ryan were serious then he would put everything the people want into the bill and leave it to the Senate where McConnell and Schumer would block it.

To disprove wiretapping LDMSM say Trump not being investigated

The Silent Coup against President Trump Extends to the Judiciary

But Donald Trump did not become a billionaire tycoon by being fooled.  He has successfully played the game against Washington and the Left to win the election.  The Donald may not have read “The Prince,” but he has a lifetime dealing with people who are working against him and has come out on top.  He fully recognizes who is working against him and how they are doing so, and that he is taking action to remove them from the playing field.  Despite their keeping silent when each of their lies is exposed to the light the people will find out thanks to the Internet.  All the Left needs is enough rope to hang themselves.  Although there are tons of lies on the Net, all are produced by leftists and those still suffering from their young liberal teachings, and all are found out.  Donald Trump is nobody’s fool and knows what is happening and is developing counters to every action that the Left, Democrats, and the GOP-e are taking.  Have a little faith.

People are Crazy… and they’re Getting Crazier

The Left will never stop attacking, deceiving, and corrupting all they can, which is why the Right must be just as set in their course.  If they never admit defeat, if they never admit the truth, if they never admit their lies, if they never reveal how they’ve fooled you, they can always claim victory in the eternal war and continue their campaign as a bunch of lying fools.  There are bureaucratic offices, including veterans, who have so many Obamaites so embedded that they are refusing to hang President Trump’s picture, while a Democrat congressman fights to have a child’s portrayal of police as pigs continue to hang in the Capitol.  This kind of corruption and malice will take years to root out.  That is why the righteous must be eternally vigilant, never believe the lies, never get discouraged, and never stop striving to reveal the truth that the Left is never right!  The Left is in bed with Communists and Jihadists to destroy America and will not stop until the Constitution is a pile of ashes.

President Donald Trump is no one’s fool

Liberals discover the truth when they listen to the right people

Stop fooling yourself; the Left wants America destroyed – BAN SHARIA!

What Arab ‘Civilization?’ — (link to full letter)

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