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It’s no secret that liberals want former President Donald Trump killed. On Wednesday’s “hour of hate,” a.k.a. ABC’s “The View,” the cackling coven of liberal hate, led by Whoopi Goldberg, falsely claimed Trump thinks like Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, then fantasized (hoped?) that he would be hung in the same manner as Mussolini.

All because Trump wants to rein in the rogue Environmental Protection Agency.

Goldberg went so far as to falsely claim that Trump “wants to also be a dictator.”  Just like Mussolini. Never mind the “wannabe dictator” currently occupying the Oval Office. Never mind that co-host Sunny Hostin called for Biden to rule like a dictator.

Writing at Newsbusters, Nicholas Fondacaro observed:

Even faux conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin joined Goldberg’s smear against her purported fellow Republicans. Together, she and racist co-host Sunny Hostin insisted that regulatory agencies in the executive branch – like the EPA – were not beholden to the chief executive and attempts to control them were actions of a dictator

After repeatedly calling Trump a “dictator” and comparing him to Mussolini, the coven unleashed their genuine desire — to see Trump murdered.

“But do you know what the Italians did to Mussolini? They hung him upside down in a square in Milan and his girlfriend,” Joy Behar said.

Here’s a video, courtesy of Newsbusters:


Here’s the transcript:

DONALD TRUMP: It bothers me for everybody in this incredible sold out audience and it bothers you. I got the letter on Sunday night, think of it. I don’t think they’ve ever sent a letter on Sunday night. And they’re in a rush because they want to interfere — it’s interference with the election. It’s election interference, never been done like this in the history of our country and it’s a disgrace

[Cuts back to live]WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Sunday. Sunday.

JOY BEHAR: Does anybody else get nauseous when he says the word “country?” The word “country.” Every time he says it, I feel nauseous.

SARA HAINES: It feels like he’s saying bother me during the regular business hours.

BEHAR: Well, because I don’t think he cares one iota about the country. So every time he says it –


It rings true that he’s a traitor.

GOLDBERG: What’s interesting about very many of these people who you’ve sort of talked about not even saying or admitting that anything wrong was done, it’s because they want to do the same thing. DeSantis wants the same kind of country.


GOLDBERG: He believes I believe that he wants to also be a dictator. I believe many of these folks who are defending this think this is an interesting prospect. I have to tell you, I’m — I never thought in my lifetime that I would see this country come as close to dictatorship as I’ve seen.



ALYSSA FARAH GRIFFIN: What’s so crazy to me about this whole scenario is Donald Trump, there’s this big piece in The New York Times. We talked about it briefly yesterday. Donald Trump’s team around him now on the record saying his plans for a second term are to grow the executive branch and the powers of the presidency.

HAINES: To eliminate checks and balances.

FARAH GRIFFIN: To eliminate checks and balances and the coequal branches of government. I’m a conservative and been a conservative longer than Donald Trump has. That ain’t conservative. That is growing the federal government and the power of one man.

GOLDBERG: That’s called dictatorship.

FARAH GRIFFIN: It’s inching toward dictatorship. Exactly.

GOLDBERG: Let’s call it what it is.

SUNNY HOSTIN: And he also wanted to do things like sort of consolidate things like let’s say the EPA.

HAINES: Regulations.

HOSTIN: The regulatory agencies under the executive branch.

BEHAR: You now, that particular brand of fascism and bigotry might work in Florida but it’s not going to work in New York, it’s not going to work in certain states in this country.

HOSTIN: I hope so.

BEHAR: No, no, no, no.

HOSTIN: Now we’re going back but Mussolini had that same thought that he was going to take away these sort of individual agencies and place them under his power and he was quite successful doing that.

BEHAR: But do you know what the Italians did to Mussolini, they hung him upside down in a square in Milan and his girlfriend.

HOSTIN: That they did.

It also sounds like they want Melania Trump murdered. This IS “The View,” after all.

Take notes, America. This is the unhinged bloodthirsty left. It’s enough to make one think they want a second bloody civil war.

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