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The month of August hit Louisiana with a rain storm the likes of which had not been seen for a long time.  Rain fell at a rate of 2-3 inches an hour and it accumulated to around 31 inches.  Sewers backed up, rivers and streams overfilled causing massive damage to homes and businesses.  Loss of life has been confirmed to be around 13 with property loss in the millions.

You would have thunk that with all the news coverage and visuals of the flooding, especially the photos of uprooted coffins floating down a street, that President Obama would have taken action sooner.  True, he did declare a state of emergency in Louisiana and made it a disaster site, but he made no attempt to fly down there and see the damage himself.  Instead he continued his vacation playing golf and fundraising for Hillary and the DNC (the Democratic Nightmare Consortium).  People are all over the social media wondering why he plays while Louisiana floods.  The answer is simple: Obama’s got bad optics.

This isn’t the first time that Obama’s bad optics have gotten him in trouble.  In 2014, the world was shown the gruesome beheading of journalist James Foley by ISIS.  Obama was on vacation at the time.  He quickly donned a clean shirt and a suit coat over his golfing shorts, then made some unintelligible remarks to address the issue.  After making his remarks and taking no questions, he went back on the golf course.  I guess he was paying either his caddy or his golfing partners by the hour,  so he didn’t want to waste any time.  Of course, the reaction from the media wasn’t exactly a love fest.  For the first time that I could recall, the media actually questioned what Emperor Obama was thinking.  I guess they did that because it was one of their own and not some Coptic Christian being beheaded.  Obama, later on, opined that he realized that what he did might look like bad optics.  It is always easier for him to apologize after screwing up than trying to avoid the pitfall.

The question is why.  Is Obama so naive that he thinks that he can get away with having bad optics?  Maybe so, after all he has the lap dog media on his side, who have been covering his presidential rear all during his administration.  But maybe there is another reason, a reason that goes into his soul: ideology.

Obama lives in a world where ideology trumps everything else.  Ideology replaces logical thought and being able to see the big picture.  This is what, in my humble opinion,  explains why he was so quick to react when gangster thugs Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Trayvon Martin met their ends.  In his ideology, they were victims of racism, victims of white and police oppression.  The same ideology made him turn his back to Muslim jihadist terrorism that happened in our country.  Remember how the massacre at Ft. Hood was labeled as “workplace violence”.  Or how the attacks in San Bernardino was caused by the availability of “assault rifles”.  Look at what has happened in this country over the last eight years and you will see Obama’s bad reactions due to his bad optics.

The ideology that drives Obama’s bad optics can be called socialism or communism, but, in reality, it is the ideology of victimization.  The thought is that the majority in a country is always oppressing or victimizing the minority so much that government is bound to protect and defend the minority, even at the expense of taking away rights of the everyone.  This is why when there are attacks on minorities he always presents himself as their savior and protector.  It plays well to his base and looks so good to the LSM (Lame Stream Media).  One of the problems with the religion of ideology is that it limits how Obama can react to any situation.  It is narrative driven and if the situation falls outside of the narrative than no immediate action can be taken.  Take a few steps, vomit at the podium and go back to golfing.

Fortunately for us, Obama’s bad optics are running out of time.  After November he can take his victimization glasses and go play golf for the rest of his life. As for us, we have learned what can happen when those who we elect are driven by ideology and not by service to all the people.  While his actions have created a disturbance in our world, we are still standing.  Just like the state of Louisiana, we are battered and bruised, but still on our feet.


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