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In today’s search for truth, we seem to have lost sight of how to think logically and come up with open-ended conclusions that are subject to modifications based upon additional data. We have fallen into the trap of thinking something is bad, rather than thinking something is false.

There is no better example of this than what we see on the Tucker Carlson Show. For the past several months he has had many guests on to answer the simple question, “What is the evidence that there is collusion with the Russians?”. You would think that his guests would either come prepared with research backed up by irrefutable evidence of this collusion, or report that though they have searched high and low they have found no evidence. But all that is offered is innuendos.

This is not my point. This is the point. These guests seem to be caught up into believing a conclusion in search of some justification for that belief. There is collusion, therefore every time someone talks to a Russian, it is proof. The Russians tampered with the election, therefore it is proof. The Russians have been doing this ever since the end of the cold war, but now it seems to be a problem. But what is worse is that the Russians are bad and evil, not just wrong. Don’t get me wrong. There are bad people. ISIS is evil. The man who shot the republican baseball players is evil. Gangs are evil. But immigrants aren’t evil, homosexuals aren’t evil, people clinging to their bibles and guns aren’t evil, and Trump supporters aren’t evil. To believe so is group-think. It’s not thinking at all, It is far more dangerous that the perceived evil we are obsessed with.

This obsession is tearing our country apart. “Resist” is now a good slogan. How can anyone say that it is good to put yourself up against others? Martin Luther King would be turning over in his grave, but Che Guevara would be pleased. Despite what you think about it, we still have a duly elected government. It is not evil, it is the will of the people, just like to election before, and the ones before that. To fight against our legitimate government is treason. The healthcare system is collapsing upon itself under its own weight. Thousands may be uninsured. Well, do something about correcting that. The tax system is onerous, and it seems that the ones with the best tax lawyers win. Well, do something about it. Illegal immigration is both a moral and a physical problem. Well, do something about it. Resist is part of the problem, not the solution.

Most importantly stop the group-think. Whenever you find yourself thinking that he is a fascist or she in a homophobe, or that they just hate all Muslims, you are ignoring the problem behind it. As Americans, we are all one family, these are your brothers and sisters. Stop thinking about yourselves and listen to the concerns of others. The Russian interference is a concern, but the money we have spent being concerned and wanting someone to be punished could have fixed the problem. It is wrong to judge people by the color of their skin, but it is equally wrong to have four generations on welfare and it is an acknowledgment that we have failed them. It is time we start “paying it forward,” not wasting ours and other time.

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