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Has Europe already lost the ability to win the fight against becoming a Muslim dominated society?

One prays that isn’t the case but when the U.K. Prime minister, Theresa May can stand up in front of the House of Commons and make a statement as weak and powerless as the one she recently made , one has to wonder.

Prime Minister May said, “I absolutely agree that it is wrong to describe this as Islamic terrorism, she said. “It is Islamists terrorism; it is a perversion of a great faith.” At this point in time, after the world has been deluged with Islamic sponsored terror for decades, isn’t it about time that Western leaders quit making excuses for the so called, “Religion of Peace”?
After a brutal attack on her country, at the very heart of her country, by a Muslim Jihadi terrorist, where at last count five people were murdered, one of them a London Policeman, many others critically injured, some of whom my later die. Why the leader of the United Kingdom felt she must get up in front of her government and apologize to “true Islam” when many of the followers of Islam have caused death and chaos all over the world for far too long is unbelievable.

Calling those deaths and that chaos Islamic terror would only be a perversion if the world had witnessed hundreds of thousands of Muslims marching and loudly telling the world that they are unequivocally and adamantly opposed to those terrorist acts committed in the name of Islam. I don’t remember seeing any of that, do you? Some perversion.

The Prime Minister’s comments almost sound like an echo of Barrack Hussain Obama? Does Prime Minister May not understand after eight years of Obama’s destructive failures in the Middle East, with his pathetic cry of “I don’t have a strategy to defeat ISIS”, where that road goes? Does she not understand where Western governments showing weakness and “Leading From Behind” actually lead?

It now long past time for Muslims in Western countries to take public actions that demonstrate to all, THEY want to become peaceful members of OUR Western societies. Muslims in Western countries must culturally integrate and loudly condemn the barbarism of many of their co-religionist if the majority populations of those countries will ever completely trust them.
How is it that Prime Minister May has suddenly become such an expert on “true Islam,” does she suddenly know what is in the heart of those Muslims that have killed, raped and savaged people all over Europe? How does she now know with such authority what motivates these barbarians possessed with the urge to kill, maim and with religious fervor to blow themselves up, killing untold numbers of innocent people in order to advance their evil cause?

Does Theresa May not understand that there are literally thousands of Imams and Islamic religious leaders throughout the Muslim world who continuously preach “Death to all Infidels” to millions of Islamic peoples? By the way, “Infidel” that would be you and I Prime Minister May.

Is Theresa May unacquainted with the facts that there are over 85 Shira courts that hold sway in the U.K. because of the infection of political correctness that has spread throughout Western countries by weak and gutless Western politicians?

It is said those Shira courts, working mainly through Mosques, settle financial and family disputes. They lay down judgements which can be given legal status if approved by national courts. The appropriate words are, “it is said.”

However those Shira courts operate behind closed doors and many, more likely most, are closed to independent observers. Non-biased studies have detailed those Shira courts are handing down rulings that are inappropriate to U.K. legal rulings and are out of step with western legislation. That may be a problem now but let it continue and it will become a major disaster.
Is the Prime Minister not knowledgeable about the fact that there are several cities in the U.K. where the Muslim population now exceeds 25% of the total population and that the Muslim population is growing exponentially faster than the British non-Muslim population? It has been proven that when the Muslim population of an area gets over 50% in a Western society that area can lose its Western ethos. Example: Parts of Paris and Brussels.

Does she not understand that there are areas in the U.K. where the Muslim population is now the predominate population. Here is what the Church of England’s Bishop of Rochester has to say about that; “there are areas in some cities in England that have Muslim no go zones.” “In those areas people of different race and faiths are in danger because of Shira law and ideology.”

We are not just talking about differing religions, we are facing a time of competing cultures. The Shira Muslim culture is not acceptable to Western society; it is completely unacceptable under any idea of Western political ideology. Western political weakness has to change, it has to be corrected or the politicians controlling that country must be replaced. Europe is a Western cultural conception not a Muslim culture and must remain so.

If the government in the U.K. doesn’t start to take whatever actions are required to enforce British law and stamp out and extinguish any idea that an area where the Muslim population is predominant, that population can live under Shira law instead of the laws that have made Great Britain Great, there eventually will be a chaos, that has already taken place in countries like Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. That is what the Briexit vote was all about, the Brits no longer want unlimited immigration with little or no control of who the hell is getting into their country.

But May was against Brexit, she among many in the U.K. establishment wanted to continue with the E.U. in control, which would have resulted in the continued open borders that allowed so much unwanted immigration into the British Isles. Prime Minister May was also very critical about President Trump’s extreme vetting immigration bill (are we surprised) and stood up in the House of Commons and criticized both Trumps vetting bill and Trump. However some newspapers, other politicians and many individual police in the U.K. backed Trump and agreed with his common sense vetting procedures.

What many Americans do not understand is, after Lady Margret Thatcher left politics, most Tory leaders and many in the Conservative Party (Tories), if they were in American politics, would be known as moderate left Democrats. May falls right into that category.

Far too much of that of crazy immigration has already taken place in the U.K. When I have visited the U.K. recently most of the people I know are very upset about what has been going on in THEIR COUNTRY with E.U. open borders immigration (sounds like our borders under Obama doesn’t it).

I love the United Kingdom I enjoyed living there for 12 years during my Air Force career. I was married there in a beautiful church built in 1106, my wife was British, my daughter was born there, and my daughter and son were partially educated there, my wife and I make trips there and my wife has many relative living there.

I hope pray and believe most Brits still have the fighting spirit of Sir Winston Churchill and Lady Margret Thatcher, that wonderful and tough lady, if Thatcher were still in office there would have been no weak words and phrases spoken in the House of Commons about an attack In London. To the contrary the words Thatcher would have put out would have burned the ears off the attacker and anyone who supported him.

I believe most Brits reject the political weakness of politicians like Theresa May. I believe my British friends will do whatever it takes to reclaim their great and wonderful nation and continue to make it a bastion of Western culture and law. Maybe that is where the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) comes in. That party has increased its presence in Parliament in the last election. We will see.

As for the rest of Europe, this year’s elections, in several of the European nations, may point the way Europe is destined to proceed. I hope, for the civilized world, they are tough enough to do what is going to be required for them to save their nations.

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