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There are three sides to every story or so the saying goes. There’s my side, your side and then there is the truth. The problem today is that Truth itself is now a subjective interpretation of the senses, i.e. of one’s political ideology.

Take for instance the recent dismissal of the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Wayne Tillerson. What is the truth? Most Media spin indicates that it results from the incompetence of President Trump but on the flip side, as Caroline Glick points out, Tillerson’s agenda not only went against Trump’s, but against those in the Arab world who likewise are not happy with Fatah and Hamas in Palestine.

During his 14 months in office, Tillerson insisted on maintaining the establishment’s view that the Fatah-controlled PA is the be-all-and-end-all of Middle East peace efforts. The view that there can be no Arab-Israeli peace without the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) compelled successive U.S. administrations to continue to embrace it despite its support for terrorism, and despite its refusal to accept or even respond to any offer of peace by either Israel or the U.S.

In fact, when you read her article you will note that while the media have used Tillerson’s departure to continue the ‘Let’s Trash Trump Every Chance We Can’ campaign, the reality is that Trump’s Mideast perspectives are highly welcomed by Arab States who are now for the first time sitting down with Israel to find a solution to interfactional Palestinian fighting and terrorism that has been ongoing for years.

Tuesday’s conference was a diplomatic triumph for the Trump administration. For the first time, official representatives of five Arab states that have no diplomatic relations with Israel sat publically in the White House with Israeli officials. They were brought together due to their common concern for the Palestinians in Gaza, and for the instability that the plight of the Palestinians in Hamas-controlled Gaza might encourage.

Although it is still unknown whether anything discussed at the conference will turn into concrete improvements on the ground, the summit itself was a concrete achievement. It showed that the Arabs are willing publicly to bypass the Palestinians to work with Israel. The fact that the conference was devoted to helping the Palestinians served to transform the PA from the critical partner in any peace deal to an irritating irrelevance.

While the ‘We Blame Israel Every Chance We Get’ brigade constantly cries for the ‘poor Palestinians,’ the reality is that Fatah and Hamas are each responsible for much of what these people suffer – and let’s not forget the role that UNWRA plays in promoting Palestinian victimhood.

The interfactional fighting in Palestine has been going on for more than a decade but for some reason Israel is always blamed for Palestinian woes and sorrows. As my father put it, ‘people believe what they want to believe.’

On the issue of Rex Tillerson’s dismissal or rather his replacement by Mike Pompeo, The Clarion Project has published an interesting article.

Mauro Expects Pompeo to Launch ‘Shadow War’ by Clarion Project March 15, 2018

Clarion’s National Security Analyst and Shillman Fellow Ryan Mauro explains how the firing of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State signals a “foreign policy reset” by President Trump. He expects Pompeo to launch a “shadow war” in countries like Iran, North Korea and Pakistan and to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, enabling the dismantling of its network in America.

It is precisely because mainstream media hates President Trump that we should take the time to research issues that they raise for as so often happens, what they first report consists of nothing more than click bait and thereafter the truth, which is incrementally provided, is well hidden behind trigger words meant to enslave the Dumb and Dumber masses.

Even the young educated people of today don’t care too much for researching issues because they are too busy virtue signalling and kowtowing to leftist ideology but there are many issues which, if they were to stop and take a good look at them, would surely make them realise that at the very least life is not as simple or dare I say ‘black and white’ as they would like it or believe it to be.

This link for instance will take you to some background details relating to why it was necessary for Britain to leave the European Union. It gives one a little insight into the absolute B.S. behind the scenes.

This article Warnings from a Survivor of Communism ( March 18, 2018 by Jerry Newcombe) offers a perspective of someone who grew up in a society that actively suppressed Christianity and is a warning to those who think Communism and the war against religious freedom have something positive to offer.

This article Florida Teen Murderer Motivated by Radical Islam (by Clarion Project March 15, 2018) not only shows the flip side of the ‘Muslims are not terrorists’ coin, but shows that guns are not necessary implements of murder. It also indicates that the F.B.I. is not performing at 100% efficiency. (Perhaps the F.B.I. is too involved in politics and less involved in the things it ought to be involved in.)

A 17 year-old male was arrested after admitting to stabbing a 13 year-old boy to death on his birthday and attempting to kill two others while at a sleepover party in Palm Beach, Florida, on March 11. Corey Johnson is now in juvenile detention while a grand jury decides whether to try him as an adult. “In his statement, Johnson advised he stabbed the victims because of his Muslim faith,” a police affidavit said. He has been charged with murder and attempted murder. On March 5, a week before the murder took place, Jupiter police discussed Johnson with the FBI. The FBI said they had enough evidence to charge him, and affidavits would be “coming in the next several weeks.”

There have been many attempts around the world to make criticism of Islam and Muslims an offense in law, but in flipping the coin, Tahir Gora pleaded on March 15, 2018 at the Clarion Project “Canadian Politicians Please Don’t Surrender to Islamists. Gora, a Muslim, warns that anti-Islamophobia motions are not about being non-discriminatory but rather are steps to effect the opposite.

On the twin issues of the F.B.I. and things on the flip side, it seems that while the anti-Trumpers are using the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to claim wrongdoing on the president’s part, it appears that the investigation that resulted in McCabe’s firing commenced BEFORE Trump became president, and that the leader of that investigation was appointed by President Obama and had his position confirmed by the Democratic Senate.

If there is one thing that can be said about politics it is that it is a serious business, but on the flip side it seems to be just a grand farce.

When dealing with serious and rational topics one could concede that the flip side view might entail something funny, farcical or strange, and irrational, and therefore the flip side of the serious debate – if there is such a thing – about illegal immigration must surely be found in this article “California Appoints Illegal Immigrant To State Office ” March 15, 2018 by Martin Walsh

Again, she strongly believes illegal aliens should be allowed to serve in the government of a country they aren’t legally allowed to reside in. De Leon praised Mateo, calling her “a courageous, determined and intelligent young woman who at great personal risk has dedicated herself to fight for those seeking their rightful place in this country.”

Come again? The rightful place of non-citizens is to be involved in State Government? Go Figure! The Russians were justified after all!

The logic is lost to those on the right but for the leftist ideologue it makes perfect sense, as do the comments in this next article in which it is claimed that white farmers in South Africa should stay put and be killed because previously many natives had been killed white people.

Greens say South African farmers must be slaughtered to prove Australia isn’t racist March 17, 2018 by Emmis Tilton

“They say the white South Africans need to stay and get slaughtered just like the brown people had to stay and get slaughtered. Then they can turn around and say “see how I’m not racist?” “But of course someone who isn’t racist doesn’t feel the need to go around proving it all the time” “It’s almost like they know they have low key racist thoughts and they are terrified someone will find out so they constantly go around trying to prove how non racist they are”

From having looked at the flip side of several issues and having looked at the flip side of things serious and rational, let’s now look at the flip side of the attacks on President Trump. Everything (by which I mean the leftist hysteria) that has been going on the U.S.A. in regard to Donald Trump has a counterpart in Israel, as Caroline Glick explains in Netanyahu’s new mandate to lead (March 16, 2018)

Like their borderline delusional coverage of Netanyahu’s trip to the US, the media present every move made by every government minister from every party in the coalition in the context of the police probes and the prospects for an early election.

In this framework, everything the government does is suspect. The fact that the police have demonstrated no credible proof of their claims that Netanyahu accepted bribes in any of their leaks or official statements regarding any of their multiple probes is of no consequence. As far as the major radio, television and print media are concerned, Netanyahu is a crook.

And since the media portray Netanyahu as a crook, everything he says and does and everything his ministers say and do is presented against the backdrop of that specious, unsupported and certainly unproven conclusion.

Under the circumstances, the need for a new mandate is self-evident. The police and media insist that the mandate the government received is no longer legitimate. The public is the source of the government’s power. So the public has to express its views on the government in one way or another.

You could substitute the name Trump for Netanyahu and they would still be accurate statements.

Here’s another Flip Side. We like to think of ourselves as highly educated, literate, hip, informed, and politically active concerned citizens, but on the flip side it appears to me that:-

‘The more educated people become, the more angry, intolerant, arrogant and stupid they appear to be.’

Perhaps it is time to realize that those involved in Politics and Media have no real interest in what they do other than their own aggrandizement and that they use emotional-political triggers to snare us in these grand farces.

On the flip side, we really should beat into submission anyone who disagrees with our socio-political viewpoints so that we can live at peace and harmony in the world. (It works for China apparently!)

And if we flip the coin again, maybe we are the dupes in a grand design. (Look at the right hand column on that page.)

Perhaps instead of flipping our political and ideological coins we should instead just start flipping our middle fingers at all of the political and media hype and hypocrisy.

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