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My father told me to believe nothing of what I hear and only half of what I see because humans have a great capacity for self-deception. Today we know only too well how people only see what they want to see. This photo was taken from my kitchen window in Suzhou in 2012 on Chinese New Year. This is not a war zone. It just looks that way. You should see the video! CLICK THE PHOTO

We live in such a fake world

If you believed the BS liberally spread about by the allegedly liberal and progressive types, their main concern in life is that no one should be discriminated against. Unfortunately, when you open your eyes and take a good look you find that the political activists care not a whit for society in general but rather are only interested in promoting and enforcing their political agendas. (Look at the last entry on this page.)

In the USA the far left activists have hearts that bleed for the poor illegal immigrants and their rights and in the process have convinced certain cities to become sanctuary cities for the illegals. When you look at the link below, ask yourself what is the true motivation of these social justice warriors. After all, in essence they not only want those who obey laws to be punished and those who disobey laws to be rewarded, but they don’t give a care about human trafficking. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT HUMAN LIVES.

Top Police Officer In Trouble As Liberal City Learns Of Federal Help, Investigation Launched by Asia Mayfield | Nov 8, 2017

Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick thought she was doing a service for her community when she aided federal agents in their investigation of a human trafficking ring. One of the men who was captured is now scheduled for deportation- and liberals are pissed. Kirkpatrick used her officers to block the street and control traffic as agents raided the suspect’s home. Two arrests followed, with more expected. Instead of being pleased that human smuggling scum was cleared out of their neighborhood, Oakland officials filed a complaint against Kirkpatrick. You see, Oakland is a sanctuary city and they pride themselves on obstructing immigration officers. The man now set to be deported is a vicious criminal, but it doesn’t matter. Oakland wants to protect all illegals.

Can you count off the top of your head how many media personalities and entertainers have come out against Trump, the Republicans, and Conservative Values? These same types who could care less about human trafficking but who would object to helping federal authorities capture illegals are the same people who promote the sexualizing of society by promoting gay marriage, vivid sexual content in movies and of course pornography. At the same time they are fiercely protective of women’s rights and the vilification of all men because some men physically and/or sexually abuse women.

Click on the photo to go to the original at TOWNHALL. There are some interesting cartoons there.

These same media types – the ones now screaming to have their voices heard in the media concerning improper sexual advances made by media moguls and powerful media personalities, KEPT QUIET for decades about the abuse of young male and female actors in Hollywood.

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What they preached publicly was not what they did publicly. (See also: The Sleaze In Hollywood Is the LEAST Shocking Thing Ever November 11th at Townhall by Steve Sheldon)

It has gotten to the stage where one can’t help wondering if ALL the accusations made are real or whether some people just want free publicity at any cost. Allegations of sexual impropriety are not just leveled against media stars. It is a really good weapon to use against political foes, and if you can believe what you read below, it may be that we are entering an era in which journalists are prepared to pay cash to anyone who will INVENT an allegation against a political figure.

DEVELOPING: Accusations Against Republican Candidate Crumble As Evidence Presented Nov 10, 2017 by Allison Hillman

It appears as if the accusations against Alabama senator candidate Roy Moore are crumbling. While the stories are yet unconfirmed, social media and news sites are lighting up over the possibility that a Washington Post reporter may have offered a woman thousands of dollars if she would make the claims against the former judge. A former Secret Service member took to Twitter to say that a family friend was offered money by a reporter to accuse Roy Moore of sexual assault. If these allegations turn out to be true, the fallout could be tremendous.

Here is another Article on Media Lies and Silence. This one relates to how public media DO NOT REPORT on issues which would cause damage to the Democrat Party.

I have written many times that liberal – progressive causes at their core are great ideals toward which we should all strive. The problem is that the left does not use its causes to help humanity to rise above its ignorance. Instead they use their ideology to punish and abuse anyone who deliberately, accidentally or in ignorance, fails to live by that ideology. They spend their days looking for ideological crimes and reasons to be offended. One cannot help but wonder just how miserable they are at heart that they seek to inflict harm on those around them.

In Israel there is a group of Jewish leftists who absolutely LOVE harassing Israeli border guards and they are not shy of making false accusations against them.

What is their cause? The poor Palestinians of course! But every now and then we come across news reports of political activists (usually foreigners) who have fallen victim to the very people that their hearts bleed for. Take this most recent event for instance.

Two Machsom Watch Women Who Strayed into Arab Village Robbed, Stoned by David Israel – November 3, 2017

At that point, local Arabs began to attack the women’s vehicle with cinder blocks and stones, until IDF forces were rushed over and the women were rescued from a lynching quite miraculously.

“The stupidity of the extreme left brings them to similar situations every time and they do not understand the constant danger to their lives,” a military source told News 0404, adding, “Because of their stupidity, IDF forces had to leave their operational activity and hop to an event that was born out of sheer foolishness.”

As mentioned already, the making of false allegations often goes hand-in-hand with promoting the leftist ideological agenda. There is a saying that there is no such thing as ‘bad publicity.’ There is also another old saying which says that if you throw enough mud that some of it will stick. It is just too easy in modern society for a member of any marginalized group – read everyone other than white Christian heterosexual males – to claim to have been discriminated against in one way or another. Recently the United States Air Force jumping headlong into defense of minority groups discovered that they had been had.

Air Force Ignites Media Outrage Around Black Cadets, Then Realizes Huge Mistake November 8, 2017 by James Baker at Our Vets before Illegals

Interestingly, but not so surprisingly, an official investigation was never completed before General Silveria turned the situation into an opportunity to virtue signal leftist ideals. Using the black cadets’ admission as his only evidence, General Jay scolded the auditorium of Air Force cadets……[but after an investigation].. “We can confirm that one of the candidates who was allegedly targeted by racists remarks written outside of their dorm room was actually responsible for that act. The individual admitted responsibility and this was validated by the investigation.”…….The emotionally-charged answer originally delivered by the school’s leadership was based not in a factual revelation, but instead founded on whimsy and liberal hysteria. If true equality is to be gained on all fronts, a fair and balanced approach is the only solution—one that doesn’t cater to the crippling “PC” mentality that has worked to degrade transparency and military effectiveness.

False narratives abound in our politically charged western world and sometimes it is our school teachers promoting such false narratives. Recently a student in America stood up to his BLACK FEMALE liberal-progressive teacher and confronted her about her bigotry. At the link below you can find the video of it. But don’t go preparing yourself to be offended by the white student’s ‘white privilege’ because the student was also black.

Video: Leftist Teacher Rants About ‘White Supremacy.’ Gets OWNED by Student
by John Porter
November 3 2017

Set aside ten minutes to watch this whole video. It’s comedy gold. A teacher started vomiting out leftist propaganda about Trump and white supremacy. She didn’t count on a [colored] student being wise to her far-left nonsense.

False Narratives are not restricted to black/white relations but they are nevertheless always politically motivated. One of the pet hates of the alt-left is Israel and its J-E-W-S! And one of their pet loves is Palestinian Independence. Their defense of the Palestinian cause is predicated on their false belief that there actually did exist a Palestinian People, but as is rightly pointed out by a Palestinian historian, there were no Palestinian people before 1917 when the British took Palestine from the TURKS.

“There was nothing called a Palestinian people” in 1917, says Palestinian historian
by Itamar Marcus and Maurice Hirsch
Nov. 5, 2017

“Before the Balfour Promise (i.e., Declaration) when the Ottoman rule ended (1517-1917), Palestine’s political borders as we know them today did not exist, and there was nothing called a Palestinian people with a political identity as we know today, since Palestine’s lines of administrative division stretched from east to west and included Jordan and southern Lebanon, and like all peoples of the region [the Palestinians] were liberated from the Turkish rule and immediately moved to colonial rule, without forming a Palestinian people’s political identity.”

False narratives of course are not always apparent – at least at first. What Kaepernick started as an apparently worthy cause (if you are prone to believing BS) has now begun to reveal its true nature.

California NAACP Takes Aim & Fires: No More National Anthem November 9, 2017 by James Baker

California’s NAACP President Alice Huffman speaking during a news conference on the NFL debate pushed the controversy over the edge. Their solution? Get rid of the Star Spangled Banner. The organization, fueled by Kaepernick’s media outburst, is now calling upon Congress to remove the National Anthem after a resolution passed during the California NAACP chapter’s state conference. At the October gathering, California officials gathered to declare the Anthem “one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon.”

Twenty-first century western civilization has been raised on liberal-progressive (otherwise called Politically Correct) agendas, and as I have said already, most seem worthy enough. We nevertheless however have a tendency to believe what we want to believe and on the issue of sexuality and human rights I think many people will be shocked to discover how they have been deceived by the so-called experts in human sexuality.

This is not for the fainthearted. It is a nine minute Video at Politicalpostingmumma on Facebook about Pedophilia and the sexualization of children.

Last point regarding False Narratives:

After a recent YES/NO survey on ‘Marriage Equality’ in Australia, it has just been announced that the government has a mandate to change the laws in relation to Marriage Equality. Everyone of course equates that term with ‘Gay Marriage’ but I think that they are ultimately going to discover that it goes much further than Gay Marriage. Murphy’s Law and The Law of Unintended Consequences are – I am sure – going to have a field day with the new liberal – progressive WIN.

At any rate, yesterday I had to see my accountant and he had taken clippings from a newspaper which showed a photograph of two beautiful women – both mothers of children – now living in a Lesbian relationship. What was the article about? It was about MEN. Men are to blame for women turning into lesbians. Men have failed Women according to the reporter. Women don’t need men anymore because men are useless.

The article left me scratching my head. I THOUGHT that homosexuality was in the DNA (it’s not my fault I am gay. I was born this way!) But if you follow the reasoning of the reporter, Homosexuality is a choice! Oh My God! Did that homophobe actually say that? Well – yes! If women are becoming lesbians because men can’t satisfy them (in a myriad of ways) then it must be a choice.

The strange thing is, that if you say that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice or sexual preference, the LGBT community will have your ‘cahones’ for breakfast. The story, far from indicating that MEN ARE AT FAULT, clearly told me that the women’s marriages failed because they couldn’t be honest with themselves or their husbands. Such a pity!

As a friend once told me: ‘Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story!’

Long Live False Narratives!

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

R.P. BenDedek

R.P. BenDedek (pseudonym) was born in 1953 in Brisbane Australia. From 2003 to August 2017 he lived and worked in The People's Republic of China. Along with photographic stories from China he has been writing social and political commentaries since 2004. He was editor of Magic City Morning Star from 2009 - 2016. He is the author of 'the King's Calendar: The Secret of Qumran' and 'Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story.' He is divorced; has 5 children and 16 grandchildren. He is a 4th generation Australian from a racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse family. He has no time for Sociopathic Ideologues or Useful Idiots.


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