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July 5, 2016:  Former FBI Director James Comey made a public announcement during which he recited a litany of criminal acts of espionage committed by Hillary Rodham Clinton while she was Secretary of State during Barack Obama’s first term. Comey, after listing criminal acts that any Grand Jury would indict for, concluded by saying he did not think the criminal acts of espionage (the worst of any cabinet member in the history of this nation), warranted prosecution. Some claim Mr. Comey “exonerated” Hillary Clinton. He did not.

James Comey had no more power to “exonerate” Hillary Clinton than Clarabelle the Clown.

Comey was Director of the FBI and, as such, he had no power to prosecute on the evidence amassed. His proper function was to assemble the evidence and turn it over to the Department of Justice (DoJ) for prosecution.

Even any recommendation he might have made should not be pertinent to a conscientious prosecutor who, if unbiased, competent, and honorable, would make prosecution decisions based on the evidence and the evidence alone. Every good prosecutor would have presented the evidence amassed by the FBI to a Grand Jury, and given the circumstances of an election year, would have kept the name of the person under scrutiny anonymous. Grand Juries should act only on evidence and neither emotional attachment nor animosity should motivate a Grand Jury’s decision.

The evidence is so overwhelming any Grand Jury, if acting on the evidence presented, would have indicted Hillary R. Clinton for well in excess of 100 counts of violations of at least 12 federal criminal codes relating to the espionage act, obstruction of justice, perjury and making false statements. This evidence does not include evidence relating to Clinton’s selling favors as Secretary of State to foreign interests (including Russia’s purchase of rights to critical US uranium ore deposits) in exchange for large monetary “donations” to the Clinton Foundation” (a money-laundering scheme through a Canadian non-profit whose sole purpose was to enrich the Clintons and their associates).

So why hasn’t AG Sessions’ DoJ dusted off the FBI’s Hillary Clinton file, taken it to a Grand Jury (keeping the target’s name undisclosed) and sought an indictment for the greatest acts of espionage ever committed against the United States by a Cabinet Level officer?

There is no justification for the DoJ’s failure to move the evidence against Clinton to a Grand Jury.

The time is long overdue for President Trump to deliver on his promise to see that justice is equally administered to all Americans. Hillary Clinton is a criminal, a liar, and a national disgrace. Yet she is free of any consequences of her criminal activity, has enriched herself by those criminal activities, and still has a devoted following who appear to be oblivious to her criminal acts of espionage that are likely to have cost the lives of at least six people, including four Americans at Benghazi.

That roughly half of voters in the 2016 election voted for a criminal candidate who put this nation at risk is a symptom of a dysfunctional news media and highly partisan voters who appear unwilling to accept an unpleasant reality.

It’s time we helped Clinton voters by giving them a dose of reality in the hope it might wake some of them from their Leftist media-induced stupor.

Failure to prosecute these crimes will only embolden other criminal acts by slick politicians convince they are immune to any consequences of their criminal activities.

Enough is enough! It’s time to get the job done and bring Hillary R. Clinton to justice.

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