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At the risk of sounding like a globalist – but rather recognizing at the onset a bipartisan nationalism – Tennesseans and Canadians , once mortal enemies, are now united in their opposition of Islam in public schools!


At the onset of the War of 1812, the theater of operations was concentrated on the Canadian-American border. Tennessee, eager to get into the fray, offered its services to the government.  When President James Madison called on Tennessee to help defend the “Lower Country,” Tennesseans volunteered en masse, earning the nickname “The Volunteer State.”


Tennessee Governor Willie Blount was asked to send 1,500 troops for the defense of the lower Mississippi region and an expedition under the command of Andrew Jackson, major general of the Tennessee militia, was outfitted in December 1812.


But now Tennesseans and Canadian parents and school boards are united against Islam! These lead the way as role models, with resources for your state to act upon this urgent clarion call!


In White County, Tennessee, a group that calls itself Citizens Against Islamic Indoctrination placed an ad in the local paper, the Sparta Expositor, featuring the all-caps text: “ISLAMIC INDOCTRINATION IS IN SCHOOLS ACROSS OUR STATE AND OUR NATION,” inviting parents and citizens to attend a town-hall meeting with a self-identified Muslim convert to Christianity.  (See


Meanwhile, December 8, 2016, major Canadian newspapers in Toronto and Edmonton ran the story: “School Boards Must Oppose Rising Islamic Ideology!” The Canadian newspapers reveals, “Another believes that the Muslim Brotherhood is actively involved in Canada’s schools and that the Muslim Student Associations are its youth branch.” This respondent believes that the Brotherhood is pursuing a civilization jihad— an insidious agenda to change Western society’s social and cultural parameters.” (From – and –


According to an article authored by Tom Quiggin and published on the Mackenzie Institute website, “Another Muslim Brotherhood front group, formed in the USA but now active in Canada as well, is the Muslim Student Association (MSA). This student group was formed as an educational and recruiting program for the Muslim Brotherhood.”


The Sun continues, “Our youth, in particular, must be protected from such ideologies. Boards across Canada have the authority to stop such ideologies from proliferating among our young. The kinds of practices that have taken place in our schools, such as the discrimination against girls, and the use of gyms for prayer to the exclusion of other student activities, run counter to the philosophies of school boards.”


While it is important to note these liberal Canadian newspapers may be printing this content – for further de-stabilization in preparation for world government, to divide and conquer Canada thereby reducing the population George Soros style – it nevertheless reveals the grass roots opposition to the Islamic takeover of schools by the Muslim Brotherhood agenda.


Christianity and Islam are irreconcilable! The Koran proclaims God does not have a son; that Jesus did not die on the Cross but Judas was substituted at the last moment. As Paul Joseph Watson says, “There is no Koran 1 and Koran 2.” “Progressive” Islam is an unreachable myth perpetrated by globalist propaganda. Be aware that Koran teachers indulge in rape and justify the heinous acts.


Whatever state you are from, get the word out now! Don’t let happen to your state what happened to Belgium!  Avail yourself of materials at and let Tennessee  and Canadians know you stand behind them! The crucial Canadian Peel Board decision on this issue is December 12th!

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