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The Globalists Destroying All Patriot and Conservative Communications!

Let’s face it. All 500 of the Fortune 500 companies are globalist. That’s right. And what’s even more interesting is that all 500 of the Fortune 500 companies use Linux.

They wouldn’t think for one minute of using eugenicist Bill Gates’ Microsoft Windows. It’s too susceptible – indeed, dangerous – in a myriad ways.  But they need the daily wiles and invasive machinations of Microsoft, as they hide securely behind their Linux systems.

With Linux the globalists are protected from malware, viruses and spying. And that’s exactly why they don’t want their nationalist enemies, you and I, to have Linux.

The draconian survival-of-the-fittest globalist elite want maximum protection for themselves – and desire little or none for you and I.  The elite control freaks need to know everything about their opposition, to keep subjugating and enslaving them.  Indeed, the globalists are created in the image of their master, Satan, who wants to be like God with his “surrogate omniscience.”

Solid documentation was revealed last week that culture-industry Deep State is pathetically ensconced in the Satanic world of the supernatural.

The irony is that Linux is free for these billionaires and Win 10 comes with a price – a far greater price than We The People should be paying! Virtual data – of Patriotic, Conservative and Christian consumers – is still private property, which Microsoft and Google are extracting from Win 10 owners every day: for draconian commercial and political manipulations.

To insure these routine exercises in theft continue, Linux is now sabotaged to the hilt when select Patriots and Conservatives attempt to install it. It’s very cleverly done now with the Linux openSUSE Leap 15 software.

Whether the blockage occurs through Win 10 – and/or through a sabotaged effort placed within openSUSE Leap 15 – remains to be discovered. And it may only apply to the targeted Patriot names on the globalist-targeted two-million Red List – or perhaps to those on all three lists.

But it is there. And here’s how it works. The openSUSE DVD installs beautifully as it partitions itself alongside Win 10. The installation is impressive. After a 100% completed installation, the computer restarts, and its boot capability is supposed to appear, conveniently alongside Win 10 as an option.

But it never does. It’s an Achilles’ heel a crazed anti-Patriot is easily able to manipulate. Only Win 10 appears and even that now is compromised. Fun. Even when Win 10 is removed from the Boot options list, the option to boot the Linux openSUSE completely-installed program refuses to appear.

Should one be fortunate enough to restore their Win 10, it’s only to return to the billion-dollar rackets of the “cures” for daily Microsoft-sanctioned spying, viruses and malware. And the spying is largely for the commercial benefit of the Fortune 500 companies: who all use Linux which is immune to their proffered and racketeered “cures” and data thefts.

Imagine the billions lost every year if the majority used Linux. There are billions per annum at stake if Linux is used freely by everyone. Corrupt big business – that segment of capitalism which gives it a bad name, aspiring to socialism while eliminating competition – needs to be given the boot through boycotts, while refusing to let us boot up with Linux.

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