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Property, liberty and life are intertwined. If you attack one, you attack the others. Socialists attack the whole package.

Let’s look at something apparently innocuous, like chalk comments on a sidewalk to promote a right wing cause. It is usually a left wing cause, but it is far more insidious and poisonous when it is promoted (by the socialists) as a good thing and funded for the right wing. The most recent example was the case of left wing funders promoting and permitting the scribbling of “right to life” propaganda scribbled on sidewalks.

Something that appears innocuous like chalk comments, not chalk art, but chalk comments, soon become spray painted on walls, the areas become blighted and the demand for “something to be done” increases. Free speech then stops and censorship has started. The socialists have infected the right by having them believe that “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls”, but they are not. It is a tactic so that impressionable youth is led to believe that defacing private and public property is ok.

It is not, it is a tactic of socialist fascism — a method of using free speech to destroy free speech, and all forms of expression.

By making free speech antagonistic to property values, socialists indoctrinate the youth. These begin to believe that their rights are being restricted if they are unable to tell a large audience that they “have thought a lot about blowing up the white house” or that they seek legal protection by the first amendment if they yell fire in a crowded theater. It is not ok.

Scribbling trash on sidewalks is not ok. It is trash and at best it invites people to use the sidewalk for debate and at worst it gives moral justification for censorship. Sidewalk chalk art in public places is ok, written propaganda is not.

If you know Saul Alinsky, you know about his tactics of using free speech to destroy free speech. The goal of socialism is to destroy our rights and convert them to totalitarian dispersed privilege.

Chalk may not be vandalism, but it is training for vandalism and it has been used to indoctrinate students in that they can deface property with impunity.

It is not an isolated instance, it is a system of propaganda and indoctrination designed to convert people to socialism, eliminate values and make people call for some form of totalitarianism — always socialist based.

Our schools are being destroyed since Marxism began because it attacks our values. Students no longer can say with confidence “This is right.” and “This is wrong.” That is what needs to be changed, and as soon as they say “Well, it’s kinda vandalism, but it’s ok, because we believe in it.” They have been indoctrinated and are dead wrong.

Because rights are intertwined and multifaceted, allies can be placed against allies by separating the rights from each other and seemingly pitting one against the other. This enables those who would deface property to be pitted against those who would protect it. Instead of reason, they claim it is ideology.

You do not come into another’s property and scribble on it. The owner has a right to throw you out. You cannot come into my property and tell my guests that they should kill the president. I will throw you out, if I don’t make a citizens arrest first. You do not have free speech on my property and you do not have a right to be on it. But that is what the socialists want you to believe.

The concept of free speech is clear. If you disagree, you have a right, indeed a duty, to debate it so that reason can rule.

Remember, what we need to defend is life, liberty and property, and we need to defend it against all Alinsky tactics that try to impose totalitarianism. It is endemic in our school systems and has been since Marxism started.

All our freedoms are intertwined. Pitting our right to speak against our right to property makes us attack one to defend the other, with our life, if necessary. We must realize what to attack and what to defend, who is attacking it and how they are doing so, if we want to defend against socialism.

Since Marxism began, the war is ideological. For once, in 300 years or more, we have a chance to win this war, if we wake up to what the socialists are doing.

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