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America is a Special Country, a country to envy, to be jealous of for things that have nothing to do with wealth or things to be owned. It’s a special country because it was born out of a need of the Soul and out of the most sublime idea man has, the idea of Freedom. Or better, America was born from the idea of Freedom wedded with the idea of Equality. It’s a special country, because at that time the idea of Freedom wasn’t in fashion __ nor was the idea of Equality. Nobody talked about these things but certain philosophers called men of the Enlightenment.

Along with extraordinary leaders, the Benjamin Franklins, the Thomas Jeffersons, the Thomas Paines, the John Adamses, the George Washingtons, with men of great qualities and Our Founding Fathers, the poor and often illiterate or at any rate uneducated farmers rebelled against England. They fought the War of Independence, the American Revolution. Well… notwithstanding the rifles and the gunpowder, notwithstanding the dead that every war costs, they fought the American Revolution because of the Declaration of Independence___the sheet of paper through which, together with the need of the Soul, Liberty wedded with Equality.

The Declaration of Independence. “We hold these Truths to be self-evident. That all men are created equal. That they are granted by our Creator certain inalienable Rights. That among these Rights are the rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these Rights Men must establish governments…” And this piece of paper that, from the French Revolution on, many countries have well or badly copied, or by which they have been inspired, still constitutes the backbone of America, the living sap of this nation.

Do You know why?

Because it changes subjects into citizens. It changes plebes into a People. Because it invites __ No __ It orders them to govern themselves, to express their own individual natures, to seek their own happiness. All of which are the opposite of what communism did in prohibiting people from rebelling, governing themselves, expressing themselves, or enriching themselves, and making the State “His Majesty” in place of the usual kings. Communism and the current Progressive regime implemented by Obama, soon to be continued by Hillary Clinton and other red commie rats, is a monarchical regime, a monarchy of the old stamp offering an impossible dream, more like a nightmare, of cradle to grave care; and, instead of redeeming the plebes, communism/ progressivism transformed everybody into plebes and it left everyone dying of hunger, reduced to the lowest common denominator in poverty.

This offers the sole reason any American who truly loves his family, his children, and who wishes to see them prosper in Liberty should vote for Donald Trump in November. Trump is backing the GOP platform 100% and that platform is the only one offering true Liberty and Equality, the only one protecting Life and Liberty.


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