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It appears that National apathy is widespread. It is most imperative that we all, as voters, residents, and citizens, pay close attention to the Governments of our Local, Statewide, and National confines.

Just look at what has been going on with the Federal Government; the lies, the hypocrisy, the fraud, the crime, and the ignoring of the needs and desires of the citizenry.

Forget your party affiliation this election season. They don’t care about us; so we must, and should, only vote for those individuals that speak of the words of our Constitution; those who will follow the Laws of our Land, and the wisdom of our Founders.

The only opinion I will put forth would be against Socialism. It will never survive in the United States. It would take away all power of the States. We would be living under one rule, and possibly one ruler. Democracy is far better than that. Look around the World. It is proof positive that Democratic governments are far better than Socialism. In Socialism there is only two factions; the people and the government. And the government rules! The people have very little say, or nothing at all.

Socialism begets violence and unrest. It begets hunger, criminality, and neighbor against neighbor.

There is no Country on record that has survived and thrived under it.

Most of our Democratic Party, and many in the Republican party, along with a scattering of others, are preaching Socialism. Please do not listen to their lies. They only proffer for their own personal gain.

Let us return to our Republic and our Constitution. We did well with it before; we will do better with it in the future. Our diversity is our strength.

Those who preach “Share-the-Wealth”, “Free-College-Tuition”, “Total-Health-Care-for-everybody”, and everything else provided by the Government, are actually calling for Socialism.

The America I know is where each and every one worked together, shared together, and fought together. Folks went shoulder to shoulder and fought a common enemy. They stood together against an over-reaching employer.

Creed or skin color did not separate them. Nor should it today.

Together we will overcome. Martin Luther King said it eloquently. We should remember his words.

We all have Freedom now; embrace it; learn the truth and remember the lies. Know how to act as one person, and fight as an army.

God Bless us all!

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