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Ray beams from space didn’t change the vote.


Liberals have spent years mocking Trump and conservatives for their demands for Obama’s birth certificate which, when it was finally released years after his election, was rife with errors.  But it didn’t matter because Obama was born to an American mother and was already president for years.  Even the silly calls for his impeachment amounted to nothing and became meaningless as time went by while he drove America into decline.


Now the Left is up in arms trying to delegitimize Trump’s victory as being produced by Putin hacking DNC emails to reveal their corruption – as if we didn’t know!  Comey reopening the Hillary email investigation a week before the election, Podesta’s emails revealed by WikiLeaks, and conservative radio hammering the Clinton Foundation pay for play in the state department and for the presidency were barely noticed by the public.  What was noticed was that Obama and Hillary wanted to import more illegals and more Moslems while Americans were losing jobs and suffering from jihadi terror attacks!


The deciding factor in this election was nothing other than that Democrats endorsed foreigners invading America while Trump vowed to stop them and kick them out!  In the latest terror attacks in Germany Obama’s response of “boo-hoo for you” compared to Trump’s “we will eradicate them from the face of the Earth” is why Republicans have been crushing Democrats for the last six years.   Democrats support for criminals and America haters is why they are being given the boot and hopefully Trump will initiate such a campaign to stop voter fraud that Democrats will never again see the light of day.

Democrats are the biggest losers in every way

Make America Great vs. Hope and Change


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