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The definition of liberal is, Willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas:, according to the online Oxford dictionary.

The correct new word for such people who shout down, threaten, riot, protest, beat, cry, break windows, start fires, disguise their faces, berate and slander anyone who opposes them would be “intolerant totalitarians.”

By definition, conservative Christians are actually much more deserving of the term liberal than the far left movement in America. I have never seen such intolerance toward any dissenting view as is displayed by the left.

In my own family my liberal sisters call my 90 year old Christian parents stupid to have voted for Trump. When my mother says all of her Christian friends and revered leaders are happy with Trump and believe he is an answer to prayer, they accuse all of them of being stupid, racist, and dragging the name of Jesus through the mud.

When I engage my liberal sisters they attempt a few angry in-factual arguments, then once I point out that their arguments are patently false and senseless, they either start crying and refuse to talk about it anymore.

For example, my liberal New York sister asked that it should really bother me that Trump received the endorsement of the KKK, insinuating that Trump supporters were ignorant racist. As she is a radical feminist I reminded her that Hillary received almost 25% of her support from Saudi Arabia, one of the most intolerant countries in the world when it comes to treatment of women. While Trump refused the KKK endorsement and took no money from them, Hillary accepted the Saudi endorsement and did accept millions of campaign funds from them.

Unable to process any of this logically she ran away from the discussion and has not talked to me since.

These intolerant totalitarians” are like immature bullies who are not getting their way. All they know to do is throw temper tantrums and hold their breath till the other side gives in. Well, news flash, conservatives finally have a strong leader who has learned giving into spoiled brats only increases their bad behavior.


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