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It’s hard to argue against the notion that the post-election hysteria to Donald Trump’s winning the presidency has gotten out of hand.

TheBlaze reported that, yesterday, an unhinged protester tried to set himself on fire in protest of Trump’s election. An unidentified anti-Trump protester admitted yesterday that he was trying to light himself on fire as a message against President Trump. When asked, “What happened, why’d you do that”  he answered, “Because we have a dictator who has been elected.”  Witnesses described how he yelled “Trump” several times as “flames ran up his back” before lying down in the street. He suffered non-life-threatening burns and was taken to the hospital shortly after the incident.

Since the election two months ago, there have been protests against Trump, beatings of Trump supporters, therapy sessions and cancelled classes on college campuses, worthless attempts to undermine the Electoral College by Hollywood elites, Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s recount efforts, the 50+ Democratic congressmen and women who continue to announce their refusal to attend Trump’s inauguration on Friday, and most notably Georgia Congressman John Lewis’s calling Trump an “illegitimate president” last week.

However, one of the most astonishing reactions to Trump’s election was reported in the Washington Free Beacon: that the State Department held therapy sessions to manage the stress of change in the wake of Trump’s election. The Department conducted workshops for stress management and employees were excused from their jobs, such as the all-important jobs dealing with foreign nations including actual enemies of the United States, to attend these sessions. The goal of these workshops was to avoid employees becoming “paralyzed by fear.”

This would be truly laughable if it weren’t so pathetic. The main job of the State Department, arguably the most important department of the executive branch, is to forge diplomatic relations with other nations, including sworn adversaries of the United States. For example, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in charge of the 2009 Russian Reset, and even gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a plastic red button to push in order to symbolize that the two countries were to be on the road to newer, more positive terms. Clinton also oversaw numerous violent regime changes in the Middle East, known as the Arab Spring. Her tenure included the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, which continues to this day. And who could forget the awful blunder in Benghazi, Libya?

Fast forward to current outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry, who seems more obsessed with Israelis building bathrooms in the wrong places in its capital, Jerusalem, than the terror wave in the region conducted by the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, and Iran, among other groups. He even took the “courageous” step in condescendingly addressing the backstabbing United Nations resolution condemning Israel over Christmas weekend. Also, back in 2015, he and President Barack Obama faced the Iranian mullahs face to face, the ones who shamelessly chant “Death to America” in the streets regularly, and gave them everything they wanted in a so-called “deal,” putting them on a path to nuclear weapons.

The Left’s perspective on the world is truly perverse. It’s sad that the irony that they are more concerned about Trump than Iran isn’t apparent to everyone. And it’s even sadder when “Death to America” becomes a less scary slogan than “Make America Great Again.”


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