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When all else fails, it’s racism. This is nothing new for the Left, which rarely actually debates issues, but instead relies on character assassination to get its way and destroys anyone trying to prevent that.

This is precisely what has been going on with the potential confirmation of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for the next Attorney General of the United States. The Left is scared that the corrupt Department of Justice under Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch will finally be cleaned up by a hardliner on law and order like Sessions. So, naturally, they fabricate a “racist” past.

What proof do they bring? Claims of calling his black coworker “boy,” which Sessions denies, without any proof of this incident. There were many fake claims of racism that cost Sessions a judicial confirmation 30 years ago. Yet he keeps continuing to be elected as Alabama’s senator.

That being said, the major case against Sessions was that he tried to suppress the black vote in 1984 in Perry County, Alabama, a county overwhelmingly Democratic. Aside from the fact that this makes no sense since the county was 70% black, this story is blatantly untrue.

The key to winning any office in Perry County is winning the Democratic primary. Naturally, this primary would be contentious, to say the least. This contention has turned the county into a notorious place where voter fraud occurs.

At the time, there was a Black Democratic establishment whose candidate for oval office was someone by the name of Albert Turner. He was running against other black candidates at the time. In that election, many voters complained that they had received absentee ballots that they never requested. The legal assistant (also black) in the county’s DA office, LaVon Phillips, testified this, and that Turner was illegally picking up these absentee ballots. So, when someone would go to vote, an absentee ballot had previously been cast in that person’s name for Turner, regardless of who the person actually intended to vote for.

Sessions, serving as the US attorney from Alabama at the time, received a call from County DA Roy Johnson, claiming that the other two candidates, both black, Resse Billingslea and Warren Kinard, strongly believed there was voter fraud occurring. Surely, the Turners, along with their co-conspirator Spencer Hogue, were caught at the post office with 500 absentee ballots. The three were indicted for the fraud but weren’t prosecuted because of the claim that they were trying to “assist voters.” Since the Turners were part of the civil rights movement, they wouldn’t be charged no matter what.

But somehow, even though every party in this case was black, it was a racist prosecution.

Ironically, the Turners’ son, Albert Turner Jr., now a county commissioner, is on record saying that this had nothing to do with race and supports Sessions for AG. Maybe that will make its way into the media. I won’t hold my breath.

Furthermore, the Left will be willfully blind to the fact that Sessions, as AG of Alabama, was largely involved in getting Henry Hays, one of the leaders of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan, the death penalty for the abduction murder of a young black named Michael Donald. This, in effect, destroyed Alabama’s KKK.

But leave it to the Left to do what they can destroy anyone who is a conservative. When you don’t have any facts, and all else fails, just cry “racism!”

There’s no doubt in my mind that Sessions will be confirmed, and he will be a great AG. The Left can only cry wolf so many times before no one believes them anymore.

Interestingly, they don’t seem to be learning this lesson. So keep at it. You’ll just see more losses for a long time.


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