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It was over a week ago that I said it was a mistake to wait until this Monday (now yesterday), much less Thursday, and now Dems trying to extend even further, to take a Kavanaugh vote, much less hold a hearing where it’s a he said, she said, and we all already know what he and she are saying. I said then, and it’s come to precise, almost to the hour, conclusion, that all they were doing was stalling to find somebody weak enough financially and mentally, desperate enough emotionally, etc., to say whatever they want. Even with my meager resources, I GUARANTEE that if you give me a week, I will be able to produce somebody who will assert they were given chlamydia by Hillary Clinton on a campaign pass through western Wisconsin. The fact that the Dems with all their resources, financial and human (subhuman?), have not come up with DOZENS willing to go along with their false constructs, speaks for how ludicrous this whole creative smear campaign is, and probably to how moral MOST of the country is. On the other hand, that may be giving too much credit, as they probably have been able to find not dozens but hundreds, the problem being finding ones good enough at faking credibility.

And as the left has taken to new, uncharted heights their willingness to lie and fabricate intricate falsehood webs to support what they feel to be a end that justifies such immoral means, infinitely exceeding the levels of fabrication of such past “achievements” as “Benghazi was caused by a film made in CA,” the very use of “immoral” there is a pointer to why and how this is happening, when it should be preposterous for it to succeed. If I say “fundamental Christian,” do you conjure up a liberal or a conservative? I don’t think many are confused on that one. Morality is the linchpin of fundamental Christianity, and while that whole thing is a spectrum of widely varying degrees of both religion and ethics (and I would be an example of one who is NOT a Christian but firmly holds to the morality associated with it), there’s your explanation for why liberals are able to wage this guerilla war of end justifying despicable means while conservatives are just too civil to resort to those same depths in fighting back. It’s like playing on an uneven field, even reminds me of why we had trouble militarily in Viet Nam, when the other side had no compunctions about the dirtiest sort of fighting to win at all costs while we had “rules of engagement” mentality applying morality of a sort to war, if that’s possible. The longer we were there, simply to survive, we had to drop some of our “war ethics.”

If the same applies to the current political environment, it will only get worse because conservatives may be forced to resort to the same distasteful tactics as liberals just to stay in the fight. The desire NOT to stoop that low is what allowed them to go along with the hearing delay tactics sufficiently for the fake allegations to be drummed up. But as we had to get dirtier, drop some of our morality as it were, in Viet Nam, conservatives are being backed into the wall of having to do something similar in political infighting. If the liberals keep pushing things that way with these kinds of fabrications, it may get REALLY ugly when the retaliation may have to become just as dirty. Remember, I might even be one of MANY whom Hillary infected with chlamydia on that campaign swing.

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