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In a recent edition of a local New York City tabloid, there was a section on “Immigrant Rights and Services.” Included was information on subjects such as: basic rights, legal assistance, government resources, financial help, education and health care. There were separate articles discussing the fear that exists in immigrant communities, and how the policies of the Trump administration, including the latest executive order that has caused a “flux” among immigrants. Just for the record, the use of the term flux, to me, makes no sense.

Included in the section were advertisements by organizations offering advocacy services and providing for the: adjustment of one’s status, relative petitions, and naturalization, citizenship and green card issues. Another professed to be an “Immigrant Defense Coalition”, and in its description states “many are fearful of the rhetoric and actions of President Trump.

There was information that suggested the individual be knowledgeable about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), and offered advice, such as: you have the right to:

  • remain silent
  • be represented by an attorney
  • deny an ICE officer entry into your home, without a court order
  • not sign any document before you obtain legal advice
  • a hearing before an immigration judge
  • bail, if incarcerated, pending a decision on your deportation case

One article dealt with the issue of knowing the truth from alternative facts, myth from reality, and how the new Trump administration proffers alternative facts as absolute truth. It states how most undocumented immigrants did not cross over the Mexican border, but arrived here legally by air or land, and how most immigrants do not take jobs away from Americans, but create jobs and boost the economy. It goes on to say that immigrants do in fact pay taxes in the billions of dollars, and that if the myth were true, certain government programs, like social security, would face the threat of diminishing funds. And immigrants don’t bring crime, they help to reduce it?

There was also a full page advertisement that invited all interested parties to attend an immigration forum, hosted by democrat Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, and included state Senator Jeff Klein and Assemblyman Michael Benedetto. The event included panel discussions on immigration guidelines, individual rights, confronting discrimination, the in’s and out’s of the travel ban, and assorted services. The title above t the advertisement reads “Today’s immigrants are no different than yesterday’s immigrants”. For arguments sake, I must disagree with that contention. There are clear and substantive differences in the immigrants that arrived on these shore in the latter 19th and early 20th centuries and those who emigrated over the last 75 plus years.

The Europeans, descendants of Western Civilization, came to America on crowded vessels, passed through proper channels, and had to pass an extreme vetting process in places like Ellis Island. Many had prospects for employment waiting for them and relatives already here who in most cases gave them shelter until they became settled. Many of them possessed a myriad of skills; having emigrated from ancient lands, countries with centuries of historic involvement in the arts and sciences. Although they may have differed in their ethnicities and language, from one country to another, the majority were white Christians holding similar beliefs and traditions, but above all else most wanted to become American citizens. This was the great melting pot.

Many of the immigrants that followed were from different continents, races and religions; they had not much in common, and many were from what can be considered third world nations. They had menial skills and maintained more of the traditional ties and language of their original homelands, which after fulfilling their desires many hoped to return one day.

The Associated Press recently reported on training sessions for illegal immigrants, by liberal advocacy groups. These gatherings are taking place across the country. One such group Make the Road in New York, is spreading fear among immigrants that the Trump administration is planning mass deportations. Some of the advice given is irresponsible, such as to not respond to officials who arrive at your door, keep the door closed, do not admit them into your home, do not sign any forms, give only your name, if asked. The danger here is what if the immigrant involved is a serious threat or a felon.

America is on the verge of possible major change in its immigrant policy. But whatever your position on the issue of immigration and I’m certain most Americans, descent God-fearing people of good will, want nothing more than to be humane and fair in dealing with the immigration controversy that has plagued us for decades. But it seems there is an all out effort on the part of special interest groups, like democrats, the ACLU, Hispanic media, to undermine rules and procedural traditions, and to force upon the nation, in some cases for nefarious reasons, like prospective votes, changes in demographics and enhancing the Hispanic population, to one day become the majority and surpass the descendants of Western Civilization.

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