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OMG!  The Republicans deleted 22 MILLION emails and they’re complaining about Hillary deleting just 30 thousand!?!

That is the first thought that will pass through the vacuous minds of liberals.  This is how Democrats convince liberals to think dysfunctionally.  Propaganda, like The Force, has a strong influence on the weak-minded.  How is this obvious propaganda using simplistic facts so effective in sowing doubt in liberal minds?  How do liberals go so wrong in their lack of ability to reason and think critically?  As the great Ronaldus Magnus said,

“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

This is how it starts.  Leftwing propagandists spout off an erroneous fact as if it is significant.  This is how liberals don’t know what they think they know.  They think they know Trump is a racist because a leftwing propagandist told them to think it.  Their “facts” is that they are told that being anti-illegal immigrant and anti-Moslem terrorist is considered racism.  Suddenly Trump, who has never had a hint of racism about him, is the leader of the KKK!

dysfunctional-liberal-thinking2Hillary’s Crimes

According to this post, liberals are told to think that Republicans committed a thousand times more crimes than Hillary, thus making Hillary’s simple deletion of emails insignificant.  Again, liberals think they know what they don’t know.  Here are the facts and the truth about Hillary’s crimes vs. Republican’s actions.  Attend!

Deleting government emails is NOT illegal!

It is not a crime for those in government to delete government emails to make room in their Inboxes.  It is not a crime to remove them from their servers to make room for data so long as there is a backup where they are stored.  ALL government emails are part of the public domain and, unless they concern national security, subject to the Freedom of Information Act.  The emails of the GOP are not government information, but those of a private organization.  Liberals have trouble differentiating between being a member of government who has private correspondence and conducting government business.  What Republicans did was perfectly legal and legitimate.

This post, by implying they did something nefarious, is meant to distract liberals from the truth of Hillary’s crimes.  Hillary didn’t just delete emails – she scrubbed official documents while under subpoena.  How about a little walkthrough?

Hillary’s crimes;

  • Install a private, unsecured server in her basement without authorization.

The Secretary of State is required to use secure electronics at all times and not allow free access to hackers.  By installing this secret server she left communications unsecured, open to anyone who wanted to hack her information, which they did and why they are showing up on WikiLeaks, she violated her security clearance.

  • Use that unsecured server to transmit emails containing classified information.

The Secretary of State is responsible for protection of classified information as well as documents marked classified.  Hillary says she never sent “classified documents” on her private server, but the FBI proved she did send classified information.  She says she didn’t recognize the markings for classified – after being in Washington for the past 20 years do you take her at her word?

  • Delete emails that were subpoenaed by the FBI.

Hillary’s emails were subpoenaed by the FBI.  She had over 60,000 emails transmitted through that server of which only 30,000 were turned over.  Another 15,000 were recovered from other government agencies to which they were sent.  But the remaining missing 15,000 went out to foreign entities, governments, and businesses with which Hillary conducted affairs.  Destroying evidence is a federal crime.

  • Destroy the server and other devices with electronic shredders, fire, and hammers.

Using Bleachbit, an electronic shredder designed to make deleted data on a hard drive unrecoverable destroying all data on her subpoenaed server, plus some of her employees burned other devices and used hammers to smash them, and they destroyed all back-ups.  These are not the actions of someone who is just deleting old emails about her yoga schedule and birthday parties.

Just the facts

As stated, all of the Republican’s 22 million deleted emails were backed up.  Hillary did not only delete hers, she did not only destroy the back-ups, but she destroyed all the electronic equipment through which they were transmitted!  Hillary’s emails and private server were for only one purpose – to secretly conduct illegal business that she didn’t want the public, and especially government overseers, to find out about.  How does anyone not understand that these are federal crimes?

Making a post like this is how Democrats manipulate the simple-minded liberals who never look beneath the surface.  It is a sad statement on the dysfunctional thinking of liberal Democrats that they believe things like this to be pertinent and are so easily taken in by propaganda.  Hitler is proven right day after day that if you tell a big enough lie often enough that it eventually becomes the truth – to liberals.

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