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Will the Liberal Democrats ever come back to reality? I think not; they seem to have frozen themselves in November 2017. The constant changing of opinions has shown a very pathologically hypocritical problem within their ranks. I refer specifically to Sen’s. Schumer, Pelosi, et al.  Just prior to the Election of 2016, they were calling for the firing of Mr. Comey, and on Nov. 9, 2016, they were far more adamant in their complaints, blaming him for Hillary’s loss. Now, today, on May 10, 2017, they are crucifying Pres. Trump for firing Mr. Comey!!  “.. GO FIGURE …”!!!!

I believe President Trump is actually “… draining the swamp …” as he promised. But such an immense endeavor cannot be done ‘overnight’. He must cross the “i’s” and dot the “t’s”, and cover all bases before he takes on this tremendous responsibility. Especially considering the Antifas and others trying so desperately to get rid of him.

I am glad now that I decided to support him. I had my fingers crossed during the transition time, and hoping against hope I had made the right decision. But I reminded myself that I would have taken anyone over Hillary Clinton. I was even thinking of Bernie Sanders for a while. But when I saw that he caved to Clinton, I said ” no way” .  I also reminded myself how Mr. Comey played a role as the Chief Prosecutor in Arkansas when the Clinton’s were being charged with wrongdoing in the “Whitewater” case. You will remember, I hope, that the Clinton’s were not imprisoned by the Prosecutors office, although many of the others in the case were. I have always felt his rise to FBI Director was a result of that little fiasco.

But these are all just my opinions. I have followed the Clinton’s as they started their rise in the Governor’s Office in the State of Arkansas. I did not support Mr. Clinton in his bid for the Presidency. I was disappointed that the Republican Party and Mr. Bush Sr. did not press harder to defeat him.

But that is all water under the bridge, is it not? While it is good to remember these things, we shall not dwell on them.

However, I did notice that some Media publications are reminding Americans of the hypocritical actions and words of some of the prominent Liberal Democrats; they are bringing forth previously publicized articles where-in Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, et al, were calling for Director Comey’s firing as I mentioned at the top of this writing. Maybe there is hope alive that these folks (our Media) we depend on to report to us, the American public, the events and actions within our Government, will begin to honor their unspoken oath of honesty and integrity in their daily writings.

It is time for the Democratic Party to look into their own history, prior to the Clintons. Look at the terms of Presidents like Kennedy and Roosevelt; and such others whose decisions were for the Country, not for the Party. Learn from them.

Perhaps we should be more concerned about the depth of our History taught in schools. The more future generations are appraised of our Founders, of those who fought for maintaining our Republic and our Democratic life, the better they will understand our inherent values and principles. The Obama influence on the education of our children was completely out of line, and should be reversed!

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